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Hybrid Class 2 Device Settings


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Device Settings 

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There can be many reasons to mute mics or speakers and it is tempting to experiment with different set ups depending on your class type or tech savviness. If you do try some things remember these steps. Mute first when making changes, this can help prevent sudden pops from occurring which can damage speakers.

It is important to note that if you are having your in class students log in to teams they need to join in the same way you joined your laptop, with audio off or muting their mics and speakers. Just like your laptop their laptop mics and speakers can create feedback

In order to access your audio settings, you have a couple of options. In our first option you can go through your teams icon, select settings then devices. This will open options for audio. You can select one single device for your audio source, here it is the meeting owl pro. A test call is always a good way to see if your configuration is working

 You can also use different mics or speakers if you are not in a standard hybrid classroom or are teaching from home. Using the dropdown menu you see other available mics and speakers. You can change your Audio device or select your mic and speakers individually. For example, I have an auxiliary microphone set up and am using that now to record this voice over, it can also be used as my mic in Teams if I want to look like a radio show host. Again, I would recommend a test call to confirm if you are making these kind of changes

A second option for audio settings, especially if you’ve just realized you forgot to change something is to access them right from your preview window. You can select the small gear located at the bottom right of your preview image. This will open the same settings option we saw under devices in the previous option. You can use the drop down arrows to make any changes. 

Making Changes in your teams device settings does not affect the playback devices on your computer. It is helpful when using the owl to ensure that your devices match in Teams and on the computer. If you are having some issues with sound this is a good troubleshooting step. If you are having a lot of dropping out during your lectures remind students that they need to be on mute if remote and quiet while in the classroom. 

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