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Hybrid Class 1 Two Steps for Joining a Hybrid Class


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How to start a Hybrid Class

See the video here

There really only two steps, and one highly recommended prestep 

When setting up your laptop in the classroom in addition to plugging it into power you should also plug in the usb c dock, which includes wired internet, HDMI cables and usb cables. This wired connection will put your computer on the classroom network, this will help reduce congestion on the Wifi and give you access to a network with less traffic.

Let’s break down those 2 steps  

1.You will join from your laptop with the audio off

  • First join your meeting as you normally do either from the calendar or the general channel
  • When the preview screen comes up you will select audio off, do not join your meeting with your audio on, the owl will be our microphone and speakers. If you leave your laptop sound active you may get feedback.
  • Once you select Audio Off you will be immediately dropped into the meeting with speakers, microphone and camera off. You can turn your camera back on, do not turn your speakers or mic back on. 
  • You are now in the meeting as yourself

2. You will now join the classroom to the meeting

The computer should automatically log on to teams as the classroom you are in

  • Using the calendar join the meeting,  the classroom can be invited by using the location bar when scheduling your recurring meeting.
  • At your preview window your camera should be on, your mic should be on and you should see Meeting owl pro next to the settings symbol
  • Click join now, and the classroom is now in your meeting 

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