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Sharing Recordings of Meetings


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If recording has been turned on by any of the meeting participants, the recorded meeting video will be posted to the Team and Channel in which the meeting started. Upon all participants leaving the meeting, the recording will be processed and available for viewing within a few minutes.  

By default, the recording is only able to be viewed by members of the Team in which the video was held. Even if you post a link to the video in another Team, the members of the new Team will not be allowed to view the recording unless you grant them permission within Stream: 

  1. On the recorded video's tile, click the ellipsis to open the 'More Options' menu. 

  2. Select the top option, 'Open in Microsoft Stream' to open the video in a browser where permission settings can be accessed 

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    3. You will be taken to the Microsoft Stream webviewer. Click the options ellipsis once again, and click "Update Video Details" 

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4. You will be taken to the selected video's settings and details 

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The middle tile, titled "Permissions" controls who will be allowed to view the video. There are two relevant controls: 

  1. "Allow everyone in your company to view this video" checkbox 

    1. Checking this box will allow the entire campus to view the video. It will also display the video thumbnail under "Discover" within Microsoft Stream 

  2. "Share with:" control group 

    1. This group consists of a dropdown to select which category your searches display.  

      1. My Groups allows you to search the names of teams that you are a member of. Selecting a team will allow all members of that team to view the video 

      2. Channels are an organizational construct within Microsoft Stream, much like YouTube channels 

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