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Creating a Screenshot to Include in an Email or Document


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There are many times when you would like to include a picture of your computer screen in an email or other document. Here are the instructions:

For Windows users Press "PrtScn" to copy the entire screen into the clipboard or hold down "Alt" and press "PrtScn" to copy only the active window.

For Mac users hold down command, shift, and 3. That will copy your entire screen into the clipboard. If you want to select only a portion of your screen, hold down command, shift, 4, and drag your mouse over the portion you would like to screenshot.

Once the picture is in your clipboard you can paste it into a document using Ctrl + v (or Command + v).

If you need to select a small area of your screen for a screenshot, in windows Vista or 7 you can search for Snipping Tool from the Start menu. After drawing a rectangle around the section of the screen you can copy and paste or save the picture as HTML, GIF, or JPEG.

For more options of taking screenshots on a Mac visit:

For more advanced ways to create a screenshot visit

You can also use Jing® to capture images and videos. To download Jing® for free, visit:

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