Hendrix Diversity Initiative

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Campus Student Organizations Promoting Diversity (Widely Construed):

*** If you are a leader of a student group at Hendrix that works to promote diversity and/or social justice and would like to have information about your group available here on the website, please contact Dr. Carol West - west@hendrix.edu   

Amnesty International at Hendrix

Amnesty International is a reputable human rights organization whose work has affected the lives of thousands all over the globe. With offices in over 80 countries, its members exceed 150 countries total. Outraged by human rights abuses but inspired by hope for a better world, we work to improve human rights through campaigning and international solidarity. Activists take up human rights issues not only through various communication and media but also by mobilizing public pressure through mass demos, vigils and direct lobbying. Amnesty works extensively with various experts, victims, local officials, news media and more to bring justice to abuses worldwide.  It began in May of 1961 when Britain’s The Observer newspaper received a letter about the imprisonment of two Portuguese students on charges of toasting to freedom. The letter called for massive movement to protest for the release of these wrongly charged prisoners, and ultimately called on people everywhere to protest against the imprisonment of men and women for their political or religious beliefs, people who we now refer to as- “prisoners of conscience.”  One of the most effective actions we can take locally is to write targeted appeals to politicians, law-makers, and other people of influence to either make them aware, or pressure them to take action. These appeals we refer to as urgent actions. International pressure in this form often forces them to take action because they are then aware that the world knows what they are doing and is watching them. Although there are several ways to support Amnesty individually by visiting the website www.amnesty.org, the Hendrix chapter meets about five times per semester to review the latest Amnesty activities, write letters to world leaders, attend lectures, and discuss the happenings of the human rights world. Other benefits of being associated with Amnesty on campus include the opportunity to hear about events such as local benefit concerts, demonstrations, lobbying opportunities, workshops and community activities.

For more information, or inquiries about Amnesty International meetings, contact Katy Brantley: Brantleyke@hendrix.edu or Molly McGuire: Mcguiremf@hendrix.edu 

Cultural Connection Committee

CCC is a standing committee of the Office of Multicultural and International Student Services (MISS).  The goals of the committee include enhancing collaboration among student organizations regarding diversity initiatives, working to develop an outreach plan to enhance the diversity on the Hendrix campus and learning experience for the entire community, and receiving nominations from the Hendrix community for the Alice Hines Award for Excellence in Multicultural Leadership and Service,  an award presented to individuals who have gone beyond the call of duty to bolster diversity on the Hendrix campus.

Feminist Club/Gender Liberation Association

For information please contact Sean Mehl at mehlsr@hendrix.edu 

Hendrix Hillel

Hillel, the Foundation for Jewish Campus Life, provides opportunities for Jewish students at more than 500 colleges and universities to explore and celebrate their Jewish identity through its global network of regional centers, campus Foundations, and Hillel student organizations. Hillel is working to provoke a renaissance of Jewish life.  For more information please visit the Hendrix Hillel website.

International Club

The aim is to increase interest and awareness of the cultures, languages and general customs of other nations.  The organization also hosts regular outdoor and field trip opportunities for exchange and international students, along with administrative meetings, film showings and literature readings.  Membership is open to any Hendrix student. 

Multicultural Development Committee (MDC)

MDC is dedicated to developing multicultural and international perspectives through educational, social, and cultural programming.  The organization promotes personal growth, community education, and positive social change by examining issues of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion, and disability. 

Religious Life Council

For information please contact Katie Robinson at Robinsonke@hendrix.edu 

Student Garden Club

For information please contact Ben Samuelson at samuelsonsb@hendrix.edu 

Students for Black Culture (SBC)

SBC is an organization designed to create an awareness and stimulate an appreciation of black's contributions to society. The organization consists of students wanting to advance the club's purpose by inviting speakers, utilizing educational resources, and increasing the community's awareness through films, discussions, and performances. Membership is open to any Hendrix Student.

Students for Latin American and Iberian Cultures (SLIC)

SLIC will encourage and promote the Hispanic culture, history, and language. SLIC will also serve as a collective and unified voice in matters concerning the interest and needs of Hispanic students at Hendrix College . Membership is open to any Hendrix student.

Students Promoting Education on Asian Cultures (SPEAC)

SPEAC provides fellowship among students for the purpose of learning about Asian Cultures and students in the Hendrix Community. The organization strives to unite students of all cultures and ethnic identities for the purpose of fulfilling one shared goal. Membership is open to any Hendrix student.  For more information please contact Grace Dubiskas at dubiskasge@hendrix.edu 


UNITY educates the campus and community on sexuality issues.  The organization also acts as an advocate for gay, lesbian, and bisexual issues on campus, and at city, state and national levels.  UNITY enhances campus diversity awareness and leadership training.    


We Need Your Help!

Attention Hendrix Students: The Diversity Concerns Committee wants to know about all of the exciting things that you are doing in your research, Odyssey projects, volunteer work, etc., that help to encourage diversity and support the cause of social justice.  Please contact Dr. Carol West - west@hendrix.edu - so that we can feature your activities on the Diversity website.  Thanks!!!