Hendrix Diversity Initiative

Hendrix Diversity Initiative

Diversity Initiative Statement

As a learning institution that promotes liberal arts education and a fuller understanding of the world, Hendrix College is dedicated to the inclusion of students, faculty, and staff of all cultural, ethnic, racial, religious, and socioeconomic backgrounds, regardless of age, gender, learning differences, physical ability, or sexual orientation. The College recognizes this commitment as a crucial aspect of its being a thriving intellectual community. An appreciation for the differences between members of the community is fostered through awareness in (1) Admissions and Recruitment, (2) Human Resources, and (3) Student Life and Community.  Hendrix College embraces diversity as an integral component of the development of well-rounded, educated individuals.  

***The above statement reflects an affirmation of diversity on behalf of the Hendrix Diversity Concerns Committee.  For the official College statement on diversity, please see the Statement on Equal Educational and Employment Opportunity below:

Hendrix College Statement on Equal Educational and Employment Opportunity:

Hendrix College adheres to the principle of equal educational and employment opportunity without regard to age, race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, or national origin.  Further, the College is committed to the maintenance of an atmosphere of civility and respect for all students, faculty, and staff.


  • Students can now receive Service to the World Odyssey credit for assisting students with disabilities.  Please click here for more information.

Please Contact Us . . .

Thank you for visiting the Hendrix Diversity Initiative Website.  We encourage you to spend some time looking at the resources and links that we have put together here.  If you have any suggestions for how the website could be improved or for how diversity can be promoted at Hendrix, please contact any of the members of the Diversity Concerns Committee.  If you have any greviences, please consult our "policies and procedures" page for instructions on how to proceed.  

We Need Your Help!

Attention Hendrix Students: The Diversity Concerns Committee wants to know about all of the exciting things that you are doing in your research, Odyssey projects, volunteer work, etc., that help to encourage diversity and support the cause of social justice.  Please contact Dr. Carol West - west@hendrix.edu - so that we can feature your activities on the Diversity website.  Thanks!!!