• Announcement from President Tsutsui

    On October 28, at 1:10 p.m., President Tsutsui announced the launch of "Be Hendrix," a $110 million campaign.

    The largest campaign in the College's history, "Be Hendrix" will provide increased support for career preparation, the creative arts, diversity and inclusion, endowed scholarships, and teaching and learning. 

    "...[W]e are calling our campaign, quite simply, Be Hendrix . Be Hendrix because we don't need to be what we aren't, we don't need to be like every other college in America; we just need to stay true to our character, our spirit, our heritage, and our commitment to excellence, to be the best Hendrix we possibly can."

    William M. Tsutsui
    October 28, 2016

  • Campaign Priorities

    "Measured in dollars, our goal for this campaign is $110 million; measured in impact, our goal is making Hendrix College stronger than it has ever been before, more supportive of its students, faculty, and staff than ever before, more diverse than ever before, and more acclaimed than ever before for the liberal arts education we offer, the exceptional young people we graduate, and the high ideals we set for ourselves and strive to live up to every day on this campus and far beyond."

    William M. Tsutsui

    The Creative Quad & Art Museum

    Applying the highly successful mixed-use model of The Village at Hendrix, the new Creative Quad will combine first-class facilities for the creative arts with new student living space on the upper floors (98 new beds total), energizing the core of the Hendrix campus on the current site of Hulen Hall. The Creative Quad will be home to a new campus art museum, including galleries, prep area, art storage, and an auditorium and film screening room, as well as music practice facilities and teaching spaces. In addition to providing more coed housing on campus, the new student living space in the Creative Quad will be a catalyst for the eventual renovation of the heritage residence halls.

    Endowed Scholarship Support

    In a time of widespread concern over the cost of higher education, we must redouble our efforts to make a Hendrix education affordable and accessible to all students. The new Hendrix Arkansas Advantage and Hendrix Aspire Scholarship programs have sent a strong message to students in our state that Hendrix is committed to keeping a nationally recognized liberal arts education within reach. We must continue these crucial investments in access and affordability with new endowed scholarship support.

    The Center for Career Services

    The Center for Career Services will develop career-preparation skills that Hendrix students need to be successful in the knowledge economy and 21st century workplace. From a new, highly visible physical space, the Center will reach students through a combination of high-touch, individual advising and innovative, collaborative programming. This programming will adopt a student life-cycle approach, moving students from awareness, to action, to leadership, to launch into life after Hendrix. More students will engage, learn and grow through networking, shadowing, mentoring and internship programs. Strategic, sustainable, on-campus partnerships and a more focused and highly coordinated network of alumni, parents, Trustees, community members and employers will make this expanded programming possible.  

    The Center for Inclusive Community

    Opening the gates wider requires our community to provide the programming, training, and support necessary for all students at Hendrix to feel connected and experience success. The Center for Inclusive Community will allow our campus to provide strategic, systematic programming and training aligned with our commitment to diversity and inclusion. The center staff will serve as advocates for students, support them with programming, and connect them to resources to promote their achievement at Hendrix and beyond.

    The Center for Teaching and Learning

    Our commitment to a demanding liberal arts education must never waver. The quality of teaching and learning that have defined and enriched the student and faculty experience at Hendrix for decades cannot only be celebrated, it must be strengthened. The Center for Teaching and Learning will promote student learning and enrich the liberal arts experience with programming focused on best practices and evidence-based pedagogical research. Students will benefit from new hands-on learning opportunities and intellectual activities with classmates and faculty, such as intensive individual tutoring and collaborative group learning, problem solving, and study sessions. As they develop stronger connections between their research and teaching, faculty will grow through new experiences with cutting-edge pedagogies, increased exchanges with peers about effective teaching practices, and more frequent interactions with student learning groups. 

  • Be Hendrix

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