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    For high school seniors who have achieved high academic standards, Hendrix's Advantage Plus will meet 100% of demonstrated financial need.

    Eligibility and Application Steps

    For high school seniors who have a 3.6 or higher GPA and who have scored at least a 26 ACT Superscore (1230 SAT), Hendrix Advantage Plus will meet all of your demonstrated financial need through merit scholarships, need-based grants, federal and state grants, federal student loans, and student employment.

    Interested students only need to do two things:

    1. Apply for admission to Hendrix
    2. Complete the FAFSA

    What level of financial aid is offered?

    Meeting 100% of a student's demonstrated financial need sounds good, right? But what exactly does that mean? For our program "demonstrated need" is  calculated by combining all sources of a student's college funding. This includes expected family contribution (EFC), as determined by the FAFSA, any merit scholarships, need based grants, Federal and state grants, federal student loans, and student employment. This total contribution is then subtracted from the total cost of attendance. This difference is your demonstrated need and will be covered by the Advantage Plus!

    Program Details

    1. Scholarships are offered for 4 years of undergraduate education at Hendrix. Advantage Plus will not change dollar amounts during this time due to changes in EFC .
    2. If any federal financial aid eligibility changes, such as for PELL grants, the student is responsible for that difference.
    3. The student is responsible for identifying, procuring, and working a job on campus to realize the amount of work-study included in their aid package. This is typically an 8-10 hour per week commitment.
    4. Aid will not be awarded past the total cost of attendance. Receipt of additional aid past the cost of attendance, will reduce the Advantage Plus or other Hendrix College provided aid. 
    5. The scholarship is based upon standard on-campus, double occupancy housing and unlimited meal plan. Other housing arrangements, such as living off-campus or reducing the meal plan, will reduce the amount of this scholarship.
    6. Arkansas residents are eligible for the state-provided Arkansas Challenge and should complete the Arkansas YOUniversal application via the Arkansas Department of Higher Education. It is included in the development of the student financial aid package. The student must maintain eligibility with the state to continue to receive this scholarship in subsequent years. Loss of this scholarship will not be covered by any change in Hendrix provided scholarships or grants. As this grant increases in subsequent years, the amount of the Advantage Plus or other Hendrix aid may be decreased.

    The Student Experience

  • Be Rewarded.

    "All their lives, top-performing students are told that colleges will reward them with scholarships. Hendrix Advantage Plus makes that a reality. Now every student who meets these criteria can know their hard work will be recognized with merit scholarships and other aid all the way up to their full need."

    William M. Tsutsui


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