Co-Curricular Scholarships: Leadership and Service

Hendrix College encourages students to seek knowledge and growth outside the classroom through a variety of extracurricular, co-curricular, leadership and service programs. The following scholarship opportunities award students for their talents and achievements while in high school in the areas of leadership and service.

Each scholarship is valued between $1,500 - $5,000 per year for up to four years of full-time enrollment, contingent on the student maintaining a 2.0 GPA and fulfilling the requirements of the individual scholarship program. Students are encouraged to apply for all performing and fine arts (see separate application), leadership, and service scholarships for which they are eligible. However, only one scholarship from among all such categories may be awarded to each student. Scholarships may be awarded in addition to other scholarships and awards.

TO APPLY: The following scholarship application must be submitted by February 1. Supporting documents, as noted throughout the application and in your confirmation email, must also be submitted by this date. Documents sent directly to the Office of Admission should clearly indicate the scholarship for which they're being submitted.

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The following leadership and service scholarships are available from Hendrix College. Please read the descriptions and select the scholarships you wish to apply for below.

Hendrix College Impact Scholarship

The Hendrix College Impact Scholarship is awarded to students that have a desire to work toward social justice-related issues such as gender equality, poverty, diversity & inclusion, LGBTQ equality, and many other public policy, advocacy, and awareness issues. The scholarship program will be designed to cultivate active leaders for social change through self-examination, professional development, and community and campus involvement. Applicants must have a demonstrated passion in pursuing these efforts through previous involvement in community or school-related organizations or projects designed to further such causes. Participation in the Impact Scholars program may also be applied toward an Odyssey credit (Professional and Leadership Development).

Renewal of the scholarship for up to three additional years is dependent on the successful completion of a set program.

Application requirements:

  • Submission of Hendrix’s online scholarship application by February 1
  • Résumé detailing involvement/activism in social justice related causes
  • Essay detailing the reason behind your commitment to social justice and how you plan to continue your passions in your college career either on campus or in the community at large
  • Letter of recommendation from a mentor or individual that has observed you in your social justice experiences

UMYF Leadership Scholarships

United Methodist Youth Fellowship Leadership Scholars have provided significant leadership in local church, district, and conference youth ministries of the United Methodist Church and demonstrate outstanding potential for Christian leadership on the Hendrix campus. Each applicant must be a member of a United Methodist church and provide notable leadership roles within the church and youth group. Those involved in leadership at the district, conference, jurisdictional, and national levels are strongly encouraged to apply.

Students who qualify for the scholarship, but whose financial needs are met by other scholarships or sources, are still encouraged to apply for the scholarship program. Students who do not receive funds can still participate in the program.

Renewal of the scholarship for up to three additional years is dependent on the successful completion of a set program that includes participation in retreats, monthly group meetings, and individual projects. The program expectations will be outlined in the letter awarding the scholarship.

Application requirements:

  • submission of Hendrix’s online extracurricular scholarship application by February 1
  • resume detailing UMYF leadership involvement
  • essay centered on the role faith has played in your life
  • letter of recommendation from a United Methodist clergy, UM professional minister, or layperson from your local UM church

Miller Center Service Scholarships

The Miller Center for Vocation, Ethics, and Calling encourages students to see their years in college as a time for extended and deep reflection about how they hope to find meaning and purpose in life. The Miller Center Service Scholarship program recognizes that it is often by serving those in need that we discover what our life’s work should be.In this light, Service Scholars commit to completing a prescribed number of volunteer hours each semester of their Hendrix career and taking part in a program that helps Scholars reflect on how that service informs their life’s purpose.  The scholarship is renewable for up to three years. 

The Miller Center Service Scholars program seeks individuals who have worked effectively and enthusiastically with volunteer projects during their junior and senior years in high school, who will commit to volunteering regularly while in college and who demonstrate a resolve to make leadership through service a part of their future.

Application requirements:

  1. Submission of Hendrix’s online scholarship application by February 1
  2. A service resume that lists and describes past involvement in service organizations and volunteer service projects, highlighting activities that exceeded graduation requirements or club expectations
  3. An essay that addresses (a) the most significant service you have engaged in during high school; (b) the extent to which your service to others has required leadership and self-initiative; (c) what you have learned about yourself and about life from your volunteer experiences thus far; and (d) your reasons for wanting to continue volunteering during college
  4. A letter of recommendation from someone familiar with your service activities
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