Jeremy Dickerson

Jeremy Dickerson

Jeremy Dickerson

Associate Vice President for Enrollment and Director of Admission Works with International Students and U.S. International Students Check my Travel Schedule

Quick Facts

Hometown: Conway, AR

Degree: Hendrix College, Bachelor of Arts in German; University of Arkansas, Master of Education in Higher Education

Hobbies: Collecting Longnose Gar Lures

A word or phrase that describes me: The kind of guy who will think about a response to this prompt for 20 minutes before giving up

Favorite Book and Movie: Cormac McCarthy’s books (except for the one); Empire of the Sun, Heat, Love Actually, Air Force One, Vertigo, Elision, Rosenkrantz and Guildenstern are Dead

What is your favorite college memory?

Spending all day in the pecan court talking to anyone that cared to sit down.

What advice would you give to your incoming students?

Relax. You got this.


What are you passionate about?

Dr. Who

Who are your four fantasy dinner guests?

Mo'Nique, David Mitchell, Paul Klee, Jo Thomson, Luang Pho Daeng, Jeremiah Tower, Chandrika Kumaratunga, Catherine Tate

Personal Quote

“Thirteen percent of statistics is made up.”

Travel Schedule

Here's a list of where I'll be traveling this season. As we schedule more visits, they will show up here. Come and see me!