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Kelly Sullins

Sullins, Kelly

Kelly Sullins

Public Safety Officer Public Safety


Officer Kelly Sullins graduated from Vilonia High School in 2009, going on to get a bachelor's degree in Environmental Science from the University of Central Arkansas with a minor in Planning and Administration. While attending UCA in 2010, he made some friends at Hendrix and was subsequently accepted into the Hendrix Sword Club as an honorary member and an unofficial officer. He remained active in the club for several years before work schedules made attendance impossible. In 2021, Kelly married Abigail Graham, a fellow UCA student who went on to become a NICU nurse at the Arkansas Children's Hospital. Their pets include two cats, two Chihuahua mixes, four wolf-dog hybrids, and a growing Sulcata tortoise that will likely outlive us all. Kelly's hobbies vary wildly, but include hiking, biking, listening to music and podcasts, gaming (mostly Nintendo games like Zelda, but certainly making time for series like Resident Evil), catching up on a variety of mostly nerdy shows and videos, and researching whatever topic or concept has currently captured his interest.

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