Meeting the folks, greeting the king

The Provost the King and the President

I had a great couple days on the Hendrix campus last week. There were plenty of the usual meetings in conference rooms, the kind of things that academic administrators know only too well as an unavoidable part of the job. But I also had a lot of fun learning more about the Hendrix community and meeting many of the folks who work, teach, learn, and live at the College. There was the public safety officer, who told me about his military tours of duty in Grenada and Kuwait, as well as his continued amazement at the things 18‑year‑olds can get up to on weekend evenings. And the sports coach who introduced himself at the WAC and joined me in a few laps around the indoor track, talking proudly about the wonderful teams of young people he had recruited to Hendrix. And, of course, all the students: the classmates cramming for a Native American history course over breakfast; the sociology and biochemistry and religious studies majors from Maine and Louisiana, Nashville and Ghana; the seniors headed to med school, Americorps, and a stint as a bartender; the group struggling to remember the Mandarin word for "taste" at 11:30 at night. All impressed me with their passion for their work and their studies, their clear affection for Hendrix College, and their patience in putting up with my endless questions. I even had the chance to meet Elvis: who knew he would be waiting outside Provost Entzminger’s office?!

I enjoyed four meals on Thursday in the Caf, if you count that slice of pizza at Late Night as a meal. I think I put on my full "freshman fifteen" in one day. Grits and biscuits for breakfast, delicious BBQ brisket for lunch (thanks to Chef for smoking this up with me in mind!), and a corn dog for dinner. Pure heaven. You can take the boy out of Texas, but you can’t take Texas out of the boy. I hate to imagine what will happen to my waistline when my office is just a stone’s throw from the SLTC.

I will be back on campus once or twice a month in the spring and I look forward to making more new friends, hearing more amazing stories about Odyssey projects and study abroad trips, and perhaps indulging in another corn dog or two.

About Bill

William Tsutsui

Dr. William M. Tsutsui became the 11th President of Hendrix College on June 1, 2014. He came to Hendrix from Southern Methodist University where he was Dean and Professor of History at Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences.