Hendrix-Murphy Programs in Literature and Language

Enrichment and Enhancement

Beyond public events, Hendrix-Murphy Foundation programming provides Hendrix students with a myriad of opportunities in literature and language:

Campus Opportunities

  • Murphy Scholars Program—pilot initiative open to sophomores in 2015-16 who have a marked interest in literature or language and wish to explore those fields in greater depth
  • Language House—on-campus residence where students immerse themselves in a foreign language—Spanish this year—by speaking it exclusively while “at home”
  • Language Commons—campus-based immersive experiences, from cooking to games to festival observances, in Chinese, Classics, French, German, and Spanish
  • Playwriting Contest—a professionally judged student and alumni competition for best dramatic script, with prizes and production opportunities for the winners
  • ShopTalk—informal, interactive craft discussions with published writers         
  • Word Garden—student reading series: readings of original works in poetry, fiction, or creative nonfiction
  • Literary competitions—awards in fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction, decided by professional writers, for work of exceptional merit in the campus literary magazine
  • Campus community readings—collective out-loud readings of great works, such as round-the-table Shakespeare readings, the 9/11 commemorative reflection reading, and the Veterans Day reading
  • Literary discussion groups—opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to converse in depth about books of particular interest
  • Literary internships and externships—mentored writing and editing positions with the Oxford American magazine, the national Phi Beta Kappa organization, and other literary institutions
  • Interaction with Visiting Faculty:
    • Murphy Writer in Residence Jessica Jacobs—teaching a course on research-based creative writing that draws on outside sources including archives, scholarly and popular journals, and family interviews
    • Murphy Visiting Theatre Director Melora Kordos—directing a student Shakespeare production and also working with students and faculty on a variety of projects in and outside the classroom
    • Murphy Visiting Playwright Werner Trieschmann—instructing beginning playwrights in the creation of dramatic scripts
  • Service in Literature and Language—multiple ways to help others and give back to the Hendrix community through such roles as
    • peer tutor in literature and language at the Writing Center
    • Language Ambassador
    • Word Garden Committee member
    • Aonian (literary magazine) staff member, editor, or associate editor
    • Murphy Scholars Program Ambassador

Off-Campus Opportunities

  • Faculty-led Study/Travel in Literature and Language
    • Hendrix in Madrid—intensive summer coursework in Spanish literature and language, enhanced by explorations of the cultural sites of Madrid and the surrounding countryside
    • Hendrix in Tours—four weeks of intensive study in French, supplemented by forays into the culture, art, and music of central France
    • Literary archives trips—guided research on original manuscripts by well-known authors
    • Writing or language immersion retreats
    • Literary and language research trips
    • Course-linked travel
    • Course-linked field trips
  • Independent Study/Travel in Literature and Language
    • Dramaturgy internships—hands-on experience in dramatic composition under the aegis of the Arkansas Shakespeare Theatre
    • Publishing, editing, or writing practicum or externship
    • Studying at a summer writing institute
    • Presenting or reading at a literary conference
    • Participating in a translation conference
  • Study Abroad Scholarships supporting students studying literature and language at academic institutions in Austria, Italy, China, Spain, France, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Germany, United Kingdom, Korea, and Chile
  • Volunteer Service in Literature and Language—support for volunteer projects that strengthen literature and language in the community beyond Hendrix