Hendrix-Murphy Programs in Literature and Language

Study & Travel

Study Abroad Scholarships

Hendrix-Murphy's Study Abroad Scholarships support students who are enrolled at universities around the world for a semester or year of study abroad and whose curriculum content is at least 50% literature or language, as approved by the Foundation. Application forms are given to potentially eligible students as part of the general application process for study abroad. Decisions are made by the Hendrix-Murphy Foundation, and award amounts are set by the International Programs Office in coordination with Financial Aid. For more information, contact the Study Abroad Office and the International Programs website.

Summer Language Programs

Every summer the Hendrix-Murphy Foundation sponsors group language study and immersion led by faculty members of the Languages Department. For summer 2020 the following programs will be offered:

Hendrix in Madrid

Twelve Spanish-language students, led by two members of the Spanish faculty, will pursue intensive summer coursework in Spanish language and literature at the Universidad Computense. On weekends and in the evening, they will explore literary and cultural sites in Madrid and the surrounding countryside. For more information contact Dr. José Vilahomat.

Hendrix in Tours

Eight French-language students, led by a French professor, will attend a four-week summer language program at Tours Langues while living in homestay situations with local families. The experience also includes weekend excursions to learn about the culture and history of the area. For more information contact Dr. C. Jellenik. 

Faculty-Led Study-Travel

Hendrix faculty members often lead study-travel experiences for qualifying students. These may include participating in literary conferences, intensive writing projects, or literary research in archives or at literary heritage sites. Watch Hendrix Today or follow Hendrix-Murphy's news feed for updates on these opportunities and how to apply. Professors typically hold an informational session about how to apply.

Independent Study-Travel

Hendrix-Murphy supports individually designed study-travel in literature and language when it meets our criteria by having strong learning goals that fit with the Foundation's mission and are realistically attainable. Students may apply through our proposal process using the Student Cocurricular Project form and following the proposal guidelines available under "Proposal Forms" on the drop-down menu to the right. Deadlines are the same as Odyssey's (October 1, February 1, and April 1 of each year), and the process includes the opportunity to request Odyssey credit.