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External Users and Teams


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Anyone with a Hendrix email account (or with an Office365/Teams account from another institution) can be invited to and easily Join a Teams meeting.  You can also invite anyone to a Teams meeting as long as they have an email account and a web browser. If you need to add a non-Hendrix guest, not just to a meeting, but to add them as a Member of your Team, click here.  As a meeting guest or as a non-Hendrix Member of the Team, your guest will have limited capabilities within the Team: guests cannot share a chat file, add tabs or apps or edit the team in any way. They can participate in the channel conversation, private chats and share files within the channel. 

To invite an external user:  

  1. Schedule a meeting as you would normally, but in the "Add required attendees" box, add the email address of the user you want to invite. 

    Meeting with External Guest 1

  1. Send the meeting invitation to your channel and guests by clicking the Send button.  

    If you are inviting several guests or hosting an event we highly recommend copying your Join Meeting link and sending that out in your calendar invitation. This will avoid any software interaction bugs that can occur when using mixed systems. 

At the time of the meeting, have your guest click the Join Microsoft Teams Meeting link in the email invitation they received to launch the Teams website: 

Meeting with External Guest 2

Have your guest click the Join on the web instead button on the Teams website to launch Teams for the web.

Meeting with External Guest 3

 The guest may need to enable the use of the Microphone and Camera. Have them click Allow when prompted:

Meeting with External Guest 4

On the next screen the user can modify their device settings and, most importantly,  needs to enter their name in the box. Once they are ready, they should click the  Join Now button to enter the lobby.

Meeting with External Guest 5

  Once your guest has connected to the meeting, they will be put into a lobby where they will wait until an organizer admits them to the meeting. 

Meeting with external Guest 6

Adding an External User to a Team

1. As a team owner, go to the team name in the teams list and click More options and add member

2. Type the email address of the external user you wish to add to your team. Click Add email address as a guest.

3. Teams will provide a Guest identity based on that email address.  Click on the little pencil to edit the Guest Information with the Guest's name, then click the check mark.

4. Click Add to add that guest, then repeat as needed to add more guests.  Once you have added all your guests, select Close. Your external user will receive an email letting them know they are a member of the team.  For optimal use, please recommend that they download Teams, and provide the HelpDesk link to that and other articles at

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