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How to record a quick "how to" video instead of using screen shots if you want to use screenshots you can find out how to do that here


  • You must have the latest version of Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome on Windows 10 or MacOS
  • Safari on MacOS is not supported 
  • Recording system audio is not available on MacOS
  • Including the camera in the recording is available only when recording the entire screen, not when recording an application window or browser tab.
  • Screen Recordings are limited to 15 minutes, for longer content create more videos in shorter segments 

1. Select Create > Record screen in Microsoft Stream.

2. When prompted, select Allow so Microsoft Steam to use your camera and microphone

3. If you select Block your camera and microphone will be disabled. Clicking on the lock icon in the address bar of your browser will give you the Allow option again. 

4. You can select and set up your camera and microphone. If you're using a usb camera or microphone make sure they are plugged in and selected from the menu. You can also turn them off if you don't wish to include them in the recording 

Record the Screen

1. Select to begin recording

2. Select which content you want to share, selecting from the entire screen, an application or browser tab and then click Share. To include audio select the Share Audio checkbox. (Remember include audio is not yet available on Mac) 

3. If you are using a macOS Catalina you may need to set up recording permissions in System Preferences 

4. There will be a countdown for the recording to begin (there are beeps) 

5. Switch to the application you wish to record

 6. You can use the  to pause the recording at any time. Select the record button to start again.  

Review the Recording 

1. Once you are done recording you can review your work, if you are not happy simply select record again

2. If you are satisfied select Upload to Stream

Upload Screen Recording 

1. You can monitor the upload progress, fill in the video name, description and language in the details section 

2. When published everyone will have access to your video, to limit the audience deselect this box 

3. After the upload is complete you an publish or save. Click Publish and your video is ready. You can select Go to Video to go to the video page on Stream to watch or share your video. You can also trim your video by selecting the More actions menu

4. You can also save as a draft if you are not ready to publish your video. It will be saved in My Content on Stream

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