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Q: Can we use Zoom with Teams? 

A: Zoom does not talk to teams, but Skype should soon.  You can invite anyone to a Teams meeting, and they will join from the invite and can use Teams for web. 

Q: How does the video chat work with who is speaking? 

A: The tiles displayed will always be the last people that have spoken. You have lots of options for different views in meetings, including gallery view, together mode and spotlighting. 

Q: Is it better to use the app or the browser? 

A: Always use the app when possible, the browser does not have all the functionality, for example it does not have the same recording and screen sharing functions the app has. You can find instructions on how to download the App here 

Q: Can students call in to Skype with a landline like you can with Zoom?

A: No. In cases like this, it may be necessary for the student to find a place to go where internet is available. 

Q: Does Teams work with Mac Calendar?

A: Teams works with Outlook, Outlook can be run on Mac and Pc. 

Q: What level of bandwidth will it take for students to participate in a video chat on Teams? 

A: Teams is always conservative on bandwidth utilization and can deliver HD video quality in under 1.2Mbps. 

Q: What if my name is wrong in Teams?

A: Please email to make name changes

Q: Can you manipulate text size in Teams?

A: Teams will zoom to 200%. Hold Ctrl or Cmd and press your keyboard's + or -. Zoom settings can also be found by clicking your face in the upper-right corner. 

Video Lectures 

Q: Will attendance be taken automatically?

A: You should be able to see who participated in your meeting at the end of it, but also during by selecting the icon that looks like little people and says "participants" when you hover over it more information can be found here

 Q: When using closed captioning with a full class will the text become to small to read? 

A: Closed captioning appears to only post 2 lines at time and since only 4 images are on the screen at a time it should not impact readability 

Q: How do I use closed caption on Mac?

A: According to this post, the live caption feature is available for Mac 

Q: Where can I find my recorded lectures?

A: They can be found in the chat in which they occurred for up to 21 days. You will need to upload them to your stream channel if you wish to save them past the 21 days they are stored in the chat. 

Q: Do I have to schedule all my class meetings, or is that automatic? 

A: You will need to schedule all of your class meeting times but you can make it a recurring event so you do not need to do it more than once for each class

Q: How can I get transcripts from recorded lectures? 

A: Transcripts will be available after the lecture is complete and uploaded to stream. They are not immediately available so please allow some time for them to process 

Q: How can I limit who can see and download my recordings?

A: When the recording is uploaded to Microsoft Stream, the recorder is the owner of the video and the people in their org who were invited to the meeting are the viewers. Here is our how to  Sharing Recorded Videos article, to share beyond those the following links will provide more information  The owner needs to give permission or download the video to share the recording beyond the meeting invitees. 

Q: Will students who view the saved presentation also be able to view the chat that occurred during the live presentation? 

A: Chats made during a presentation or video are saved as replies to the video and can be found in the channel from which the video was started. These replies are only saved in Teams, not in the video itself or on the Stream page.

Q: Does the transcription tool support dual languages? 

A: No, if Spanish is selected for transcription, any English spoken in the video will be practically incomprehensible.


Please visit our Teams with Moodle page for instructions on using existing Moodle materials with teams, please note we will no longer be providing support for Moodle

Document, Presentations and File Sharing 

Q: Can we be on different pages of the documents when sharing? 

A: PowerPoint is the only file type that supports interactive navigation (i.e. Students moving through slides independently). Other document types must be presented through screen sharing, so students will only see the part of the document that you are seeing.

Q: I use slides but not Powerpoint will that work?

A: Not really, Google Slides can be downloaded as PowerPoint files

Q: All of my lectures are saved as PDF, is there a function in Teams to advance through a PDF in the same way?

A: Teams does not support presenting PDFs interactively, the best option is to share the window or screen that you are using to view the PDF 

Q: I have most of my presentations on Prezi rather than PowerPoint. Would sharing those work basically the same? 

A: We would recommend sharing your desktop instead of the presentation to avoid any issues. 

Q: I already share a OneDrive folder with my class, is there an easy way to transfer that?

A: Yes, You can share OneDrive folders directly into teams by attaching it from the paperclip icon at the bottom of your text entry box or from the files tab in your team you can select upload. More detailed instructions can be found here

Q: How do I prevent other people using "take control" to disrupt my presentation? 

A: When setting up your team meeting invites you can designate yourself as a presenter and everyone else as attendees. This means they cannot take control, or you can share your desktop instead of sharing your PowerPoint which means they will not be able to access your PowerPoint. They have the option to ask for control but feel free to decline that request. Instructions on how to designate who can present can be found here 

Q: How can we use Whiteboard live in class vs Recording vs Workarounds?

A: We are recommending if you do work on a whiteboard or need to make notes you can do that setting up a webcam pointed at your lecture space, board included, and either conduct a live class from there or prerecord it and post it for the class. 

Team Organization 

Q: Is it possible to delete links/posts/etc. from the  General Class/Team Posts page? 

A: You can delete posts by hovering over the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner of the message itself 

Q: Is it possible to divide a class into small groups that can meet in a video conference without me? 

A: Yes, breakout rooms are now available, if you wish to continue using channels you are welcome to do so. 

Q: Can I invite a non Hendrix email to a teams meeting? 

A: Yes! See how here 


Q: Should we create and use teams for advising? 

A: You can use the one on one chat to create private advising sessions, you still have access to screen sharing and video chat. 

Please Email if you have additional questions that were not covered here. 

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