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Removing a student who has received an Assignment from Teams


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Although the drop/add process automatically manages your Team roster, students who drop a class after Assignments have been made in the Team may still have "residual" existence in the Team even though they are no longer listed as a Member of the Team.  This article will show how to remove them from the Assignments tab.

From your Team's General channel, use the 3 dots in the upper right to click on Open in SharePoint.

Once in SharePoint, click on Site Contents

Click to open folder of Student Work

Inside Student Work are two folders, Submitted and Working, and each contains individual folders for each student who was in the class when an Assignment was created.  You will need to do the steps below inside both the Submitted and Working folders.

Once inside the Submitted or Working folder, select the student and Click on the 3-dots by the students name, then click Delete on the pop up menu.  Be aware when you delete the individual student folder, you delete it and any content inside it.  Teams leaves these folders for students who are removed in case they contain any material you need to reference regarding their removal.  **DO NOT delete the entire Submitted files or Working files folder!**

Confirm the students is removed by returning to Teams and clicking on the Assignments and opening  one of your assignments to confirm the removed student's name is gone.

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