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Accessing information in Archived Teams


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Archiving a team removes the team from your “Active Teams” list and freezes team activity.  Content such as quizzes and Class Notebook items can be reused whether it’s from an archived class or not.

All content associated with the team will still be saved but, in order to access  files, conversations and grades you will need to follow these directions on Retrieving Archieved Teams



Notebook Content

Creating an Assignment from an Archived Team

  1. In your Team, go to the Assignments Tab and begin to create an assignment. Click Create from Existing. For more on Creating an assignment click here.

  2. After clicking From existing, select the Team with the assignment you are looking for. Active and archived Teams will appear on this screen.

  3. You can search for and select for the assignment and proceed to assign it to your class.

  4. Selecting the assignment will take you to a screen where you can alter the specifics of the assignment. The main details of the assignment will be already filled in. 


The quizzes you create should persist on your forms page, you should be able to reissue them as you see fit. 

Class Notebook

If you're planning on reusing lessons you can transfer information from one Class Notebook to the other, you will need to begin in the new class that you are adding the information to. These instructions will only apply when accessing the Class Notebook for the first time. If you are have already been using your notebook you will need to upload the files from elsewhere or reach out to the helpdesk with your previous class information so you can retrieve any information you need to upload to your new notebook. 

1. Navigate to General in your new team and select the Class Notebook tab

2. Select Set up a OneNote Class Notebook then select From existing notebook content

3. Preview the section groups that will be included in your Class Notebook before selecting Next. These section groups include a Collaboration Space, Content Library, Teacher-Only Section, and a private space for each student in your class.

4. Select + Add content underneath Content Library. This will launch a new window listing your Class Notebooks.

5. Choose a notebook to copy sections from, then select Next

6. Choose the notebook sections you want to copy to your Content Library and select Done. Repeat this process to copy sections from multiple notebooks.

7. Repeat steps 4-6 to copy content into your Teacher-Only Section. Only you and your co-teachers will be able to view and edit this content.

8. When you're finished choosing content to copy, select Next

9. Preview and make any edits to the sections that will appear in each student's private space in their Class Notebooks. There are default sections that you can remove or edit. Select + Add section to add additional sections. For example: Labs

10. When you're finished, select Create to begin creating your Class Notebook with existing content. This may take a moment, so feel free to keep working and check back later.

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