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Collaborating on a document in Teams


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Adding files to a Microsoft Team

1. Navigate to the Files tab of the Team you wish to add the document to.

2. Then you can create a New file or Upload a file from your computer.

 3. You can right click on a document for a list of options to Open, Edit, Download and more. Clicking Open in SharePoint will open the folder in a Web Browser.

Sending the files in a Microsoft Team channel

1. Click the paperclip under the text box in a channel to attach a document to your message.

2. Select Browse Teams and Channels to display the current Team's files, or you can choose a file directly from your computer or OneDrive.

3. The chosen file will appear in the text box, and is ready to be sent like a normal message.

4. Once the message has been sent, anyone in the Team can can go to the channel to access the document.

Clicking Edit in Teams will allow you to edit the document in real time with other people in your Team. Clicking Open in Desktop App or Open in Browser will open a shared version of the document, which will save any changes you make to the document on Teams. Clicking Download will create a separate copy of the document on your computer. This separate copy will not be changed when the shared document does, and will not change the shared document when it is edited.

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