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Copy Channels and Content to new Team


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There are three stages to this article, and we recommend proceeding from top to bottom until you are familiar with the overall process.  While this is a long article, once you are comfortable with the Copy to/Move to function in Sharepoint, you may freely move content files or folders in all manner of combinations to any chosen Teams/SharePoint location.

Class Materials: select all contents from inside Class Materials folder and copy to new team.

Channel Content: select all folders corresponding to old team channels and copy to new team.

Create Channels: create channels in new team to exactly match titles of copied folders and sync content.

Note: Do not create channels in your new team until after you have placed the channel files from your old team.

Following your new Team and Selecting multiple items together

Two helpful tips before you start:

  1. Following your new team
  2. Click + Shift-Click to select multiple items at once.  (And Ctrl-Click to add or remove selections for that group.)

#1 Time Saving Tip: After your new course has been auto-created by the Registrar (Jenzabar), go to the files tab, open the Class Materials folder and click “Open in Sharepoint”. Once in Sharepoint, click Following.

Following your new Team will make it easier to find your Team when navigating later.

#2 Time Saving Tip: To select a lot of things all at once, click to select top item, then hold Shift+Click on the bottom item.  Click + Shift-Click selects all items between the two clicks. 
(Also you can hold Ctrl while you click to select or de-select individual items to add or remove them from your set of selected items.)

Open your old Team in Sharepoint, navigate to Class Materials and Select All content.

When you Open in Sharepoint from your old Team, you'll see folder with the same content from your Team.  In Sharepoint, select all files in Class Materials folder.  Right-click on the 3-dots of any of the selected files to get a dropdown menu, then select “Copy to”. (“Move to” will also put the content in the new Team, but it will delete it from the old Team.)

Click 3-dots and Select Copy to

Navigate to your new Team

When you click Copy to, you will see a menu window in the middle of your screen.  Your new Team may not be immediately in view, so scroll down to view Followed Teams.  (Here is where that first step of Following the new Team pays off.)

Find and Click on your new Team.

Your new Team will first open in Documents view.  Click the drop-down arrow by the "little library books" to select Class Materials.  Once you can view the contents of Class Materials, click "Copy here".

Confirm the Class Materials content in your new Team

After the "Copy here" process is complete, check in your new Team’s Sharepoint and in your new Team’s Class Material folder in the app to confirm everything copied correctly.

Same procedure to move all Channel content

Select all folders and content you want to copy to new Team.  Use Click + Shift-Click to select all of the files and folders inside Documents.  (click on the top item, then hold the Shift key when you click on the bottom item.)

***Note: Since the new Team will have already created a General folder automatically, Ctrl+Click General to de-select it to prevent creating a "General1" duplicate in the new Team.  Then migrate only the contents of General from old Team to General of new Team.*** 

Once you have selected all items you wish to copy, click on the 3-dots for the menu, then click Copy to.


Note: Selecting Move to will remove the items from the Team.

Navigate to new team the same way you did when moving Class Materials

Once you are looking at the Documents window of the new Team, click "Copy here".

Note: Remember, use Sharepoint to Follow⇒ your new Team so that it shows at the top of this “Following” list.

All folders and content from old Team are now copied into the SharePoint of the new Team.  

***Before you create channels in your new Team, review your folders in SharePoint.  If you want to change the name of any channel/folder from what it was named in a previous team, create a new folder, and "Move to" all the content from the old-name folder to the new-name folder.  In the examples below, notice that for the "House Tornado" folder from old Team, I created a new "2 House Tornado" folder and "Moved" the contents into the new folder before I created the "2 House Tornado" channel in the new Team.  To move contents from folder to folder within a Team, follow the same procedure as below for moving Contents of General1 duplicate folder into General folder.  Later, when creating channels, match all new folder names exactly.***

Moving contents of folder to folder in Team.

Select all content in General1, the select Move to  

Click to open the folder that you are moving the content to.

Once you see inside the folder you are moving the content into, click "Move here"

The contents of General folder should now appear in the Files of the General channel in your new Team.  You might not be able to delete the empty General1 folder, but it won't appear in your Team.

***Note: Alternatively, to avoid creating a General1 folder: when you are copying channel folders, don't migrate old Team's General folder.  Later, "Copy to" only the content from old Team's General folder to new Team's General folder.***

Create Channels in new Team to match exact name of Sharepoint folders.

Click on 3-dots by the Team name and select Add channel.  In the Create a channel window, make the Channel name exactly match the corresponding Sharepoint folder.  ***Over the summer 2022, editing Channel title will automatically edit the corresponding SharePoint folder title, but currently the SharePoint folder title cannot be changed.***

Repeat Add channel until you have all the Channels synced to the Sharepoint folders.  

For any other content or folders you wish to copy or move, repeat the Select all ⇒ Copy to (or Move to) process.  Once you are comfortable with the Copy to/Move to function in Sharepoint, you may freely move content files or folders in all manner of combinations to any chosen location.

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