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Adding a Tab to a Team Channel


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  1. Select the Team and channel where you want to add this tab. Click the + at the top of the channel.
  2. After clicking the +, you will see a box with several different types of tabs you can add. Click on the app that you would like to make into a tab. Search in the search bar to find more tab options that may not be listed. 
  3. Each app will have different instructions for adding it to the tab space of your channel. Forms was selected to create a Forms tab. Follow the instructions for the tab you would like to create. Click the check box at the bottom to add a post to the channel about the addition of the tab.
  4. The tab now appears in the tab space for that channel. The Post to the channel about this tab was checked so a post was made to the channel about the creation of the tab.

    This new tab will only appear in the team channel that it is added to. It will not automatically appear in other channels of the Team. 

For more information about the tab space click here.

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