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Flipgrid is a 3rd party app that can be added as a tab on Teams. It can spark discussions by posting Topics to a classroom, school, professional learning community, or public Grid. Students record, view, and respond to each other through short videos.  

To use the Flipgrid integration in Microsoft Teams, you will need:

 A Group or Topic in your Flipgrid account. If you have not already, create your free Flipgrid educator account at You should use your account . You can use either an existing Group or Topic or create a new one for your Microsoft Teams course.

Creating a Flipgrid Tab

Go to your Microsoft Team account either via or the Microsoft Teams desktop app. Then, follow these steps to create a Flipgrid Tab.

  1. Select a channel in your team or create a new one.
  2. Select the plus button [+] to the right of your channel’s existing tabs in the upper-right corner of the Teams window.
  3. Scroll to Flipgrid in the Add a tab modal and select the Flipgrid logo.
  4. Enter the join code of the Group or Topic you would like to connect to this channel. Once located, select the Save button.

Note: you can find the join code by going to and selecting the share button for the Group or Topic.

5. Your Group or Topic will now be added as a Flipgrid tab in your channel.

Create a Topic or Post:

1.  Starting in your Flipgrid account (, navigate to  Add a Topic.

2. Here you can assign a title and build a prompt, control access and set recording times for responses 

3. You can also link media,websites or other educational apps 

Share a Topic a Post or an Assignment Starting in your Flipgrid account (, navigate to or create a Topic.

1. Select the Share button.

2. Select the Microsoft Teams icon.

3. Select either Share to a channel or Create an assignment.

4. Complete the steps in the modal

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