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Access Chat from a Meeting; Save a Message

If a meeting is started in the channel of a Team, the meeting chat will be located under the post about that meeting.

  1. Go to the Team and channel where the meeting was located. 
  2. The meeting will be highlighted in purple. The meeting chat can be expanded under the post about the meeting as shown. The meeting ended message shows who attended the meeting.

If a meeting is started from a scheduled meeting, you can access the meeting chat.

  1. Go to your calendar and search for the meeting you are looking for. When you find the meeting you are looking for, click on it.

  2. When you click on the desired meeting, you will see the main page for the meeting. It will have the meeting details. Click on the Chat tab at the top to access the meeting chat.

  3. Here, only one message was sent to the chat during the meeting. This meeting was recorded and the meeting recordings are located in the meeting chats.

    1. The meeting chat can also be found in your chats. Click the chat tab and scroll through your chats to find the one you are looking for.

Saving a Message

You can save a message in a chat or Teams channel and get easy access to it later.

  1. Find the message in a chat or Teams channel that you want to save. Hover your mouse over the message. You will see the possible reactions you can add to the message. Click the ... on the message to view more options.

  2. This will bring up several actions you can perform related to this message. The first one is Save this Message. Click Save this Message to save it. When you click Save this Message, you will see a notification saying Saved under your profile picture.

  3. To access your saved messages, click on your profile picture in the top right corner. This will bring up many options for your account. Click Saved to view saved messages.

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