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Adding Participants to a Skype Call


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Adding Participants to a Skype Call

  1. Open the Skype Application

  2. On the top left of the Skype window look for “Conversation”

  3. Click on “Conversation” and a drop down should appear

  4. Click on “Add people” and all your contacts will be shown to you

(If this person is not already a contact, here is an article explaining how to add a contact on Skype: )

  1. Add the individuals to the call and they should receive an invitation

  2. Have the ‘moderator’ call the candidate and add/invite you

  3. Accept the invite!

Once connection with the ‘moderator’ is complete and the video call with the candidate has been accepted, then that should be all you need to do in order to add participants to a Skype Call.

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