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Forwarding Emails to Folders


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To forward incoming emails automatically to a new folder in Hendrix Webmail:

  1. Create a sub-folder that you wish the e-mails to be directed to.
  2. Click on the gear in the upper-right hand corner, then click “Mail.”
  3. Under "Automatic processing", click on “Inbox and sweep rules”.
  4. Under "Inbox rules", click the plus icon.
  5. Under "Name", type in a name to help you identify the rule (such as "Move emails to *folder name*").
  6. Under "When the message arrives", select "It was sent or received" -> "Received from:"
  7. Beside "It was received from", type in the name or email address, then select “Save”.
  8. Under "Do all of the following", click on "Move, copy, or delete" -> “Move the message to folder”.
  9. Click the sub-folder you created that you wish to move the e-mails into.
  10. Click “OK”.

To forward incoming emails automatically to a new folder in Outlook:

1. Click "File" at the top left of the screen.

2. Click "Manage Rules & Alerts."

3. Click "New Rule."

4. Select "Move messages from someone to a folder."

5. Under Step 2, click "people or public group" and search for the name, then click "From ->." Click "ok."

6. Click "specified" and choose the sub-folder.

7. Click "Finish."

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