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Connecting Your Home Computer to your Hendrix Computer via VPN


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Before you leave the office, locate your computer name. (This is located on the inventory tag on your CPU; example 12123CPU). 

If you currently have the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client, the next time you open the software to connect to Hendrix, you will automatically be upgraded to the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client. After the upgrade, the connection will be established. The next time you try to connect, you will be presented with the first picture below. Start at step 4 and follow the directions from there to re-establish a connection.

Setting up your VPN Connection

  1. Open your browser and go to
    At the box that pops up, enter your Hendrix username and password and click "login".
  2. If the download fails, choose the manual download link.
  3. Click on the download to launch the installer. Click Run -> Next -> Accept the license agreement then choose Next -> click Install. If you get a pop-up asking if you want to allow the install, choose Yes -> click Finish.
    Search for and choose Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client that was just installed.

    Vpn Ready to Connect

  4. In the connect box type (if that does not work try in the connect to box).

    vpn ready to connect with address

  5. Enter your Hendrix username and password in the username and password boxes below the connect to box and hit enter. 

    vpn ready for login

  6. Wait until the box disappears then continue with Connecting to your office computer section. Below is what the VPN connection will look like when you are connected.

    vpn connected

You cannot set up the VPN when you are on the Hendrix network. Be sure you are not currently connected to the Hendrix network, using Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

Connecting to your Office Computer

  1. After you are connected to the Cisco VPN (this can be checked by looking for a lock icon in the system tray), use Remote Desktop to connect to your office computer. Enter your computer name in the box that pops up.                 
  2. Enter your username and password in the next box that pops up. Be sure that you are connecting to the Domain: Hendrix as seen below. 
  3. If you do not see the domain as Hendrix use Hendrix\username in the username field.
  4. Once this connection is made, you should see your computer just as if you were sitting at your desk.
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