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What Services are Available to Me in My Room?


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The Houses and all apartments have cable outlets in the living rooms and/or common areas. The residence halls have cable outlets in each room. Cable cannot be upgraded or added to other rooms. Cable issues are handled by Facilities Management and can be reported here.

For digital televisions manufactured after 2007, no additional equipment is necessary to receive Conway Corporation’s cable service. However, in order to receive the digital signal, once the analog signal has been shut off users will have to reprogram their pre-2007 televisions. For televisions that receive cable service through a digital, HD or DVR box, no action is needed. If you receive a cable signal to an analog TV, you will need to contact Facilities Management to request that a digital adapter be installed.

Hendrix has both wired (Ethernet) and wireless internet connections. Ethernet is available is some, but not all, of the apartments (Huntington, for instance does not have Ethernet ports.) If you have a problem with the Ethernet or WIFI please contact the HelpDesk.


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