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What Kind of Computer Do I Need?


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When it comes to buying a computer for college, what computer would suit your needs best? Whether you want a PC or a Mac, here are some options that are beneficial to your educational experience.

For Choosing a PC

You have the option of whether you want a laptop or a desktop. Honestly, for college a laptop is much more convenient. The mobile access to the Hendrix wireless is really great when you have a laptop versus a desktop. For using a laptop PC, the easiest operating system offered by Windows that will be used with Hendrix internet is the Windows 7. Also, the Vista and XP versions are acceptable. For your needs the Windows 7 capabilities are best suited for your educational experience here at Hendrix. For more information on Microsoft computer products

For Choosing a Mac

The same applies for the idea of having a desktop versus a laptop because of the laptop's versatility. The laptops offered by Apple are all extremely well-developed; really when buying a Apple laptop product the deciding factor isn't which which work better but more which do you want to pay for. The MacBook Pro is a well-rated laptop and could be considered. For functional usage the MacBooks are all great products that work well for students in college. For more information on Apple computer products visit

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