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Hendrix Data Backup Policy


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There are times when the only option for resolving a software issue may be reformatting the hard drive. This would involve completely erasing the data contained on the computer and performing a clean install of the operating system.

If the computer is going to be reformatted, you should back up all of your important data to an external hard drive or some other type of media before dropping your computer off at the HelpDesk

For computers that are used for work, the school related data will be backed up for you. For personal data types listed below, create a folder on the desktop and name it something easily recognizable as a backup folder. (If you cannot back up your data because of computer failure, we can attempt to recover your data for you).

Files that will be backed up include:

  • Documents (Word or Pages files for example)
  • PDF documents (Adobe)
  • Spreadsheets (Excel)
  • Digital photos
  • Graphic design (or Adobe files)
  • Databases (Access)

Files that are not included in the backup:

  • Movies
  • Music
  • Saved game data
  • Downloaded programs/games

Any currently installed programs or applications will have to be reinstalled by the end user after the reformatting of the hard drive and reinstall of the operating system, we are not able to migrate or backup such programs. The system settings will be left as they were when the operating system was reinstalled.

Please contact the HelpDesk if you need assistance.

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