Guide to Academic Planning 2018-2019



Incoming freshers are strongly urged to take POLI 100 Issues in Politics in their first year. Returning students should have completed POLI 100 by the end of their sophomore year. Freshers may take 200-level courses beginning in the first semester, if desired. Even though each POLI 100 course is on a different issue, only one POLI 100 course may be taken for credit. While most courses have no prerequisites, there are prerequisites for POLI 303 Analyzing Politics; POLI 325 International Law & Organizations; POLI 355 Advanced International Relations; and POLI 376 Democracy, Development and Violence and POLI 497 Senior Research Seminar (see the Catalog). Students who plan to study away their junior year should plan carefully and be sure to have taken POLI 303 Analyzing Politics at some point during that year. Students may not take POLI 497 before the senior year.



First and Second Years
  • POLI 100 Issues in Politics
  • POLI 201 or 202 Normative or Empirical Research Methods
  • Three other courses
Third Year
  • POLI 303 Analyzing Politics
  • Two or three other courses
Senior Year
  • POLI 497 Senior Research Seminar (Fall only)
  • Two or three other courses

NOTE: Students should keep in mind that POLI 303 must be completed before the Senior year (i.e., before enrolling in POLI 497) and that POLI 201/202 is a prerequisite for POLI 303.