Guide to Academic Planning 2018-2019


For information on the Classics major and minor, see the entry for Classics.

All entering students who have studied Chinese, French, German, Latin, or Spanish in high school are required to take a placement test in that language. A placement test in Ancient Greek, Chinese, or Biblical Hebrew can be arranged by contacting Dr. Rebecca Resinski (for Ancient Greek), Dr. Wenjia Liu (for Chinese), or Dr. Robert Williamson (for Biblical Hebrew). Placement recommendations based on the test will be made before registration. Unless these recommendations indicate otherwise, students should enroll in the first semester course of the Basic Sequence (Chinese, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Latin, or Spanish 110). Native and heritage speakers should also take the placement test in that language.  Students who want to maintain PBK eligibility should plan to take a 200-level language course or higher.

Any student who is placed in 120 or higher and completes that course with a grade of C or higher will automatically receive Hendrix credit for 110 for a total of 2 credits.

Students who test out of the entire first-year sequence in languages will have fulfilled the languages requirement. They may either:

  1. Elect either to take no further languages courses, or to take courses in another language,
  2. Decide to take the recommended languages course and receive one additional course credit upon completion of the recommended course with a “C” or higher.  First year students who test out of the 200 level courses should enroll in 300 level courses their first year.

Minor in Chinese, French, or Spanish

A minor consists of five courses in either Chinese, French, or Spanish at or above the 200-level. In Spanish, either 210 or 220 (not both) may count toward the minor.


Required courses are primarily either skills courses or survey of literature and/or culture courses. They are offered frequently. The rest of the advanced courses in the department are usually offered only every third year.

Students wishing to pursue a major combining languages with other disciplines may, with the help of a faculty advisor, create an individualized major through the Interdisciplinary Studies major available at the College.

Students are strongly urged to spend a year outside of the U.S. in a study-abroad program sponsored by Hendrix or another U.S. institution, or by a foreign university. Planning should be done in consultation with a faculty member in the appropriate target language.

Language majors considering graduate study in their language are strongly encouraged to take at least the Basic Sequence in a second foreign language.