Guide to Academic Planning 2018-2019


General Comments

First-year students are encouraged to take any 100- or 200-level history course whose topic interests them. Starting their sophomore year, non-majors and majors are welcome to take 300-level courses.

The Department of History encourages non-majors to consider any of our classes except HIST 480 Senior Capstone Seminar.

Students who plan to apply for graduate work in history are strongly urged to take considerable course work in at least one foreign language. Specifically, the department recommends that such students take at least one course beyond what is stated in the collegiate foreign language requirement.

Course Planning

First Year

First-year students are encouraged to take any 100- or 200-level history course whose topic interests them.

Second Year

Sophomores are welcome to take any 100-, 200-, or 300-level history course whose topic interests them. History majors who plan on studying abroad in the spring of their junior year should take HIST 300 Historiography during the spring of their sophomore year.

Third Year

All history majors need to take HIST 300 Historiography by the end of their junior year. They should also enroll in several other history courses, bearing in mind the need to select classes that fulfill departmental requirements. Students are urged to consult carefully with their advisors in the crafting of their major. Majors should take at least one research-intensive course prior to the spring of their senior year, and junior year is an ideal time to do so. Academic advisors can help majors identify classes that have a strong research component. Double majors or interdisciplinary majors whose advisors are not historians must talk to a member of the department about how to fulfill their requirements in history.

Fourth Year

Senior history majors should ensure that the courses they register for will allow them to complete all of the requirements for graduation, both collegiate and departmental. Seniors who wish to pursue an independent research project or who have not yet taken a research-intensive history course are urged to take HIST 450 Advanced Research and Writing in the fall, prior to taking HIST 480 Senior Capstone Seminar in the spring. Participation in HIST 450 is contingent upon the approval of the department.