Guide to Academic Planning 2017-2018


There is no specific major required of students who are preparing for law school. Hendrix students entering law school have majored in literally every major offered by the College, including interdisciplinary majors.

Law school admission committees emphasize several factors when considering applications. The first two are a commendable grade point average and a strong performance on the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). In addition, they look for a combination of three general types of skills:

  • The ability to read and comprehend a great deal of information quickly;
  • The capacity to reason logically and quickly, using both verbal and quantitative
  • The ability to use both spoken and written English to express ideas clearly, fluently,

As these skills are not discipline-specific, virtually any major will be acceptable to law school admission boards, so long as applicants can demonstrate that they have these skills. While a particular course of study is not required for application to law school, students are encouraged to gain some experience in reading court cases before applying to law school. Courses such as the following would assist in achieving this goal:

  • POLI 224 Family Law
  • POLI 320 Criminal Law
  • POLI 321 American Constitutional Law: The Federal System
  • POLI 322 American Constitutional Law: Individual Rights and Liberties
  • BUSI 350 Business Law

In addition to these skills, law school admission committees look for students to articulate their purpose in pursuing a legal career. Therefore, in addition to courses  that might add depth to students’ substantive knowledge of the different fields in which students might wish to focus his/her legal work, students  are strongly encouraged to complete internship(s) and other Odyssey projects in legal settings to gain experiential knowledge about the practice of the law.