Guide to Academic Planning 2017-2018

Gender Studies

A number of courses serve as excellent gateways to the interdisciplinary study of gender. First-year students are encouraged to take any 100- or 200-level course in the program whose topic interests them. Starting their sophomore year, students are welcome to take any 100-, 200-, or 300-level courses keeping in mind the distribution requirements of the minor (see below). Students interested in pursuing the minor are encouraged to consult with program faculty to learn more about the program as well as extra-curricular activities related to Gender Studies.

Note: It is sometimes possible for highly motivated first-year students to participate in upper-level seminars; such students should consult with individual instructors prior to registration.


Available only through the Interdisciplinary Studies major (see Interdisciplinary Studies entry in this section of the Guide).


Five courses drawn from the following and including at least one from Humanities and one from Social Sciences, drawn from the following:

  • Humanities courses
    • ENGL 250 Women and African Literature
    • ENGL 258 American War Literature
    • ENGL 275 American Literature and the Environment
    • ENGL 305 Chaucer’s ‘Troilus and Criseyde’
    • ENGL 343 Sexuality before Sex in Early American Literatures
    • ENGL 362 Literary Theory
    • ENGL 432 Jane Austen
    • ENGL 435 The Brontës
    • ENGL 454 Lawrence and Woolf
    • ENGL 465 Hemingway
    • GEND 268 Introduction to Gender Studies—Humanities focus
    • PHIL 267 Introduction to Gender Studies - Humanities focus
    • PHIL 310 Feminist Thought
    • RELI 327 Race, Gender, Empire, and the Bible
    • RELI 330 Religion, Gender and Sexuality
    • SPAN 485 Gender and Power in the Latin American Novel
  • Social Sciences
    • ANTH 280 Anthropology of Gender
    • ANTH 390 Social Inequality and Identity
    • GEND 267 Introduction to Gender Studies—Social Science focus
    • HIST 140 Leisure in America
    • HIST 150 Great Wars, the Great Depression, and the Great Gatsby, 1914-1945
    • HIST 226 Renaissance and Reformation Europe
    • HIST 227 Medicine and Disease in Pre-Modern Europe
    • HIST 307 Gender and Society in East Asia
    • HIST 318 Magic and Witchcraft in Early Modern Europe
    • POLI 100 Issues in Politics: Gender
    • POLI 300 Feminist Political Thought
    • POLI 380 Gender, Sexuality, and American Politics
    • PSYC 260 Human Sexuality
    • PSYC 400 Psychology of Gender
    • SOCI 250 Sociology of the Family
    • SOCI 255 Gender in Film and Television
    • SOCI 310 Gender and Sexuality
    • SOCI 390 Social Inequality and Identity

   *If a course offered at the college has a clear focus on gender but is not listed above, students may petition the Gender Studies chair to have the course count toward the Gender Studies minor.

   Students may count one course in their major discipline towards the Gender Studies minor, but this course will not count toward their major.