Guide to Academic Planning 2017-2018

Film Studies

Students interested in a Film Studies minor or an English-Film Studies major should take ENGF 269: Introduction to Film Studies or ENGF 223: Literary and Cinematic Adaptations

In their first year. First-year students should only take these courses a) if the English department recommends an Introduction to Literary Studies course, or b) after first completing ENGL 110: Introduction to Academic Writing.

Students can pursue Film Studies at Hendrix either through the Film Studies minor or the English-Film Studies Major (as described under the English departmental section of the catalog).


Six (6) courses distributed as follows:

  • ENGF 269 Introduction to Film Studies
  • Five additional courses from the following:
    • ANTH 250 Visual Anthropology
    • ARTH/PHIL 389 Aesthetics and Contemporary Art
    • ENGF 275 Film and the Environment
    • ENGF 310 French New Wave
    • ENGF 358 African Film
    • ENGF 370 Film History
    • ENGF 381 Film Theory
    • ENGF 382 Non-Fiction Film
    • ENGF 390 Topics in Film Studies
    • ENGF 490 Topics in Film Studies
    • ENGL 223 Literary and Cinematic Adaptations
    • ENGL 248 The Holocaust in Literature, Theory, and Film
    • ENGL 271 Crime Literature and Film
    • FILM 210 Screenwriting
    • FILM 392 Great Directors
    • FILM 399 Independent Study
    • HIST 180 Theatre and Film in Modern China
    • HIST 190 History and Film
    • MUSI 180 Film Music
    • SOCI 255 Gender in Film and Television

On occasion, departments throughout the college offer special topics courses that focus primarily on film. With the approval of the film studies chair, students may count such courses towards a film studies minor.

Students may count up to two independent studies toward the minor.