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Philosophy and Religious Studies Odyssey Guide.


Based on the Hendrix faculty’s longtime awareness of the educational value of engaged learning, the Odyssey Program was implemented in the fall of 2005 to encourage all Hendrix students to embark on educational adventures in experiential learning. While the graduation requirement includes the completion of an approved experience in at least three of the six Odyssey categories, the Program importantly allows students to learn more about themselves and the world around them. For more information, and to access the Odyssey Program Guide, click here.

Below you will find examples of ways students pursuing a major or minor in this department or program have encountered Odyssey. Remember that these are only suggested opportunities; students are encouraged to propose their own creative Odyssey projects. Further, Odyssey experiences do not need to be related to your major or minor.

Philosophy majors are diverse and unique. There are no established pathways to Odyssey through the major. Majors should follow their passions, interests, and think of creative opportunities. Philosophy majors should consult with their advisor early in the major to discuss Odyssey interests and possibilities. One philosophy course is coded Service to the World (SW), PHIL 206 B1 Special Focus: Ethics in the Face of Poverty. You might consider this course if you are interested in the topic. Those admitted to Senior Thesis (PHIL 497) will receive UR Undergraduate Research credit.

Religious Studies

Faculty in the Religious Studies Department support a wide variety of Odyssey experiences in all Odyssey categories, with particular emphases in Global Awareness (GA), Professional and Leadership Development (PL), Special Projects (SP), and Undergraduate Research (UR).

Established Pathways to Odyssey through the Major

Most students who complete Odyssey projects with the Religious Studies faculty do so through individual projects with particular faculty members (see examples below). However, there are several opportunities for Odyssey credit through optional course modules offered in the department:

Undergraduate Research

  • Optional thesis for the senior project in LBST 497 Liberal Arts Capstone

Special Projects

  • Meditation and Mindfulness Module in RELI 218 Buddhist Contemplation
  • UnMasking the Powers Module in RELI 331 Revelation and Resistance

Individual or Group Odyssey Experiences

Religious Studies faculty offer and support Odyssey experiences in all six Odyssey categories. Students interested in Odyssey experiences related to Religious Studies should consult the department chair or any faculty member in Religious Studies. Examples of past Odyssey projects completed with Religious Studies faculty include:

Artistic Creativity (AC)

  • “Joy: A Journey to Discover the Roots of Everyday Happiness”
  • “Mask Making Course at Accademia dell’Arte”
  • “Deeper Than Ink, Louder Than a Bomb: Exploring Youth Spoken Word in England”

Global Awareness (GA)

  • “A Buddhist Appreciation in a Catholic Context: Examining Interfaith Dialogue in Mexico”
  • “Following Jesus: A Spiritual Pilgrimage”
  • “Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam: An Introspective Study of India’s Intermingling Faiths”
  • “Volunteer Nepal”
  • “An Odyssey to Morocco: A Culture Through the Eyes of Youth and Education”

Professional and Leadership Development (PL)

  • “Faith, Health and Politics: A Summer Fellowship at the Office of Public Witness”
  • “Neonatology and Medical Ethics in New York City”
  • “Internship: Greater Arkansas Interfaith Network”
  • “Internship: First United Methodist Church”
  • “Internship: Women’s Alliance for Theology, Ethics, and Ritual”
  • “Internship: Heifer International Study Tours”

Service to the World (SW)

  • “Interreligious Dialogue in the United States Marine Corps”
  • “Photography on the Streets: Beauty as Service”
  • “Volunteering to Help Military Children with Active Duty or Deployed Parents”
  • “Mozambique: Developing Spiritual Growth and Vocation through Service to Others”
  • “The Camp Glenmary Experience”

Special Projects (SP)

  • “Buddhism at Home: Singapore’s Temples through American Eyes”
  • “Yoga: Traditional, Modernity, and Practice”
  • “Musicking: An Encounter with Participatory Music”
  • “Interfaith YouthCore Interfaith Leadership Institute”
  • “Racial Justice and the Bible”
  • “Contextual Bible Study in South Africa and Little Rock”
  • “The Word in the World: On Living Christian Faith”

Undergraduate Research (UR)

  • “Perceived and Real Oppressions: Hijab as a Lesson to Western Oversexualized Society”
  • “Christianity and Interfaith Cooperation”
  • “The Journeys of the Cherokees and the Israelites”
  •  “The Viability of Feminism in Islam”
  • “Christian Communities and Social Media: Social Media as Competition, Tool, and Space”
  • “Perpetual Sojourners: The Parallel Model Minoritization of Asian Americans and ‘The One Who Showed Mercy’”

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