Group Exercise Classes

Monday and Wednesday
6:00am          Indoor Cycling
7:00am          Pilates
8:00am          Body Recall
10:00am        Body Recall
11:10am        Meditation
12:10pm        Swim & Stay Fit
12:10pm        Boot Camp
12:15pm        Dance Party Fitness
1:10pm          Core and Stretch
2:10pm          Cardio & Core
3:10pm          Yoga
3:10pm          Zumba
4:10pm          Kickboxing
5:15pm          Power Pump
6:30pm          Total Body Fitness
7:30pm          PiYo
Tuesday and Thursday
6:00am          Cardio Circuit
7:00am          Yoga
8:00am          Yin Yoga
11:10am        Yoga
12:10pm        Indoor Cycling
12:10pm        Self Defense
1:10pm          Pilates
2:10pm          Conditioning & Weight Training
3:10pm          Total Body Fitness
4:10pm          Zumba Toning
5:15pm          Boot Camp
6:30pm          Ballroom Dance

8:00am          Body Recall
10:00am        Body Recall