Campus Visit Overview

Are you ready to Experience Hendrix College?

If you would like to schedule an individual visit or come to campus during one of our Hendrix College Experience Days, please follow the links below to make your reservations. If you have any questions about scheduling your campus visit, feel free to contact Jenn McKenzie, our Campus Visit Coordinator, at or 800-277-9017800-277-9017

Click here to watch a video of directions to the Office of Admission in Ellis Hall!

Individual Experience Days

The best way to see Hendrix College! Schedule a visit any day Monday through Friday when classes are in session. You'll have the opportunity to sit in on a class, chat with several current students during your guided campus walk, eat in the cafeteria, meet one-on-one with a professor, and talk with your admission counselor – just to name a few of the options. We limit the number of students visiting on an Individual Experience Day, so the day is all about you. Tell us what you hope to get out of your Hendrix Experience! View Schedule | Sign me up!

Hendrix College Experience Days

Are you curious what other students might be looking at Hendrix? Well, this is the best chance to see who might be in your graduating class. Just like Individual Experience Days, Hendrix College Experience Days give you the chance to visit a class, meet current students during your campus walk, taste our award-winning cafeteria food, and chat with the admission staff in a larger setting. While these days offer a great overview of life at Hendrix College, the schedule is not as flexible as that of an Individual Experience Day. If you like what you see during a Hendrix College Experience Day, we encourage you to come again and experience Hendrix your way! View Schedule | Sign me up!

A variety of special Hendrix College Experience Days are held throughout the year:

Faculty Conversations - Seniors only

Do you have an idea of what you'd like to study in college, or are you undecided and looking for someone with whom to discuss your options? High school seniors and students looking to transfer to Hendrix College can request to meet one-on-one with a professor. Faculty conversations must be requested at least one week in advance and are limited to one meeting at the time of your visit. We'll do our best to pair you with a professor from one of your academic interests; in return, we ask that you prepare for your meeting by jotting down a few questions that you wish to ask about the department. Sign me up!

Note: Meetings are dependent on the professors' schedules and are subject to change.

Overnight Stays - Seniors only

Want to know about life outside of the classroom? If you're a high school senior, you can schedule an overnight visit! Overnight stays are only available Sunday evening through Thursday evening. They must be requested at least one week in advance and are scheduled for the evening prior to your Individual or Hendrix Experience Day. We'll even provide transportation to and from the airport if you're traveling alone. You need to arrive on campus at Ellis Hall by 6 p.m. the night of your stay, and don't forget your sleeping bag, favorite pillow, and a towel! Sign me up!