Guest Artists at the Hendrix Theatre Department


Daniel Stein#1 Hendrix 2013 WEB

World renowned movement expert Daniel Stein works with Theatre Arts and Dance students during his recent visit to Hendrix.  Stein as returned to Hendrix to direct a play this Fall as a Visiting Artist with the Murphy Program.

Daniel Stein #2 Hendrix 2013 WEB

 The Hendrix Theatre Department has an extensive history of bringing guest artists to collaborate with the students and faculty through directing, performing, playwriting or design.  The artists who have been at Hendrix in the past twenty-five years are listed below.  You will notice two Pulitzer Prize winning playwrights, several Obie winning artists, as well as a long list of artists recognized for excellence their field.  Primarily, the Hendrix-Murphy Foundation for Language and Literature has generously sponsored the visits of these artists:


Freddie Ashley ~ m
Ken Albers * m
Meade Andrews ~ m
Eric Bentley + m

Lee Blessing + m
Barbara Bosch * m
Kirk Boyd * m

Wayne Chapman*
Leroy Clark + m
Kevin Crawford * m
Tandy Cronyn ~
Ruth Ann Curry* m
Sharon Douglas ~
Jean Elliott ~ m
Jeff Elwell + m
Honora Fergusson * m
Charles Gordon * + m

Judy Baker Goss +
Bobby Harrel > m
Robert Hupp * m
Brent Jennings * m
Gus Kaikkonen * m
Peter Kenyon * m
Henry Kurth > m
Romulus Linney + m
Rob Mermin ~
Jennifer Mizenko ~ m
Gene McKinney ~ m
Frederick Neuman * + m
Will Rhys * m
Louise Mosley Smith ~ m
Glynn Allen Smith ~ m
Virginia Smith * m
Terry Sneed *
Shepard Sobel * m
Agapi Stassinopoulus ~ m

Daniel Stein * m
Alison Summers * m
Jana Tift * m
Werner Trieschmann * + m
Gwendolyn Twillie ~ m
Francis Warner + m
Kathryn Woods ~ m 


m indicates Hendrix-Murphy Foundation
* indicates director of production
+ indicates playwright
~ indicates performer
> indicates designer/artist