Theatre Practicum

Please note:  These guidelines are for students whose graduation requirements are specified in a Course Catalog before 2013-214.  Starting in 2013-2014, this course is replaced by TARA Theatre Practicum which can be found at the bottom of the Courses and Curriculum page.

Theatre Arts and Dance 220 (EA) [AC/PL]                       Beginning  Fall Semester 2008

Rationale, Requirements, and Component Parts


Students in this course acquire extensive experience in the production of plays or choreographed dance. Theatre Practicum is a special opportunity available to students who seek to create with their fellows the “delicate illusionary reality that we call the theatre.” The department believes that the education of students is enriched by participation in the actual process of creating a performance and by participation in a variety of experiences in the process. The emphasis of all the course requirements is on commitment, teamwork, and dedication to the goal shared in common by all in the process. (The course can extend over four or more semesters. Please see time commitment requirements below.)

Prerequisite: Consent of the department faculty.


A student may satisfy the requirements of Theatre Practicum under the following guidelines:

1)  Each student must sign-up to a practicum option for each production before starting the work in all cases.

2)  Each student will sign contracts detailing the work to be completed to receive a grade for each of the four component parts of the course:

Component Parts

● A student must participate and receive a passing grade in each of the four groups. A student need complete only one option in any group that lists multiple choices. Specific requirements for the satisfactory completion of any one of the four options are available and may be consulted in the Practicum supervisor’s office. A student must sign with the department supervisor before beginning work on any component.

Group 1                              Group 2                      Group 3                      Group 4

House  & Publicity                Orchestra                Scenery & Lighting         Costume & Make-up

Assistant Stage-Manager        Acting                                                                      

Props                               Stage-manager

                                Dance Captain in a Musical                                 

3)   If the department determines that a student can satisfy the requirements for one of the four components from working on a single production, the student may enter into their contract with that understanding.  Yet, if the department determines that a student cannot satisfy the requirements for one of the four components from working on a single production in that semester the student may agree to work in the same capacity on both productions during that one semester. In such a case the total number of hours contributed in that capacity for both productions in that semester will determine the grade for that component.

      This option is only available for work completed in the same semester.

4)   Students wishing to receive Practicum credit for work as the Light Board Captain will be required to work the remainder of their hours on the Scenery and Lighting crew. Similarly, students wishing to receive credit for work as the Sound Board Captain will be required to work the remainder of their time either in the gathering and producing of the Sound requirements or by working on the Scenery and Lighting crew.  Subject to approval by the faculty.

5)    Students wishing to receive credit for their work as Make-up Captain will be required to work the remainder of their hours on the Costume and Make-up crew.  Subject to approval by the faculty.

6)    Working on the Running Crew for the production is a requirement for any component. If this option is implemented, such a student will work on the Running Crew on one of the two productions during that semester. Those hours would be tabulated as part of the student’s total hours for that component.

7)    The precise requirements to receive Practicum credit for Stage Manager and for Assistant Stage Manager will be determined by the requirements of individual productions. Students should understand that each of these two distinct types of assignments is very time intensive and would require the student to be at all (Stage Manager) or most (Assistant Stage Manager) Rehearsals, Technical Rehearsals, Curtains and Strike.

8)    Students intending to receive Practicum credit must attend the Cue Tech meal and the Strike for each production in each component part that contributes to the Practicum credit.  Failure to attend either one (Cue Tech meal or Strike) results in a reduction of one letter grade for that assignment in that component.

9)     Students are responsible for signing in and out in the appropriate Practicum log-book for all hours that have to be tabulated.   Each entry requires validation with the signed initials of a faculty or staff member or by the authorized Student Crew Head.

10)   Students do not Register for Practicum course credit with the college until they have completed all four components, or are about to do so. However, a student may officially register for Theatre Practicum as one of the courses towards graduation at any time. A grade of NR will be recorded until such time as a final grade can be determined and reported within the limits established by the Office of the Registrar governing the NR designation.

11)   Grades will be tabulated based on the number of hours contributed to each        assignment, as well as on commitment, teamwork and dedication.

12)   Each of the four components of Practicum will require a minimum of: 

  • 40 hours of work completed satisfactorily to receive a grade of A for that component,
  • 35 hours of work competed satisfactorily for a grade of B for that component,
  • 30 hours of work completed satisfactorily for a grade of C for that component,
  • 25 hours of work completed satisfactorily for a grade of D for that component.
  • Student who work 25 hours or less on any contract will receive an F grade.

13)   The grades from the FOUR components will be AVERAGED to determine the FINAL grade for the course.                                

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