Harassment Policy

Harassment Policy

Hendrix College strives to provide an educational environment that is free of all forms of harassment.  We are committed to the diversity of our community and we recognize the worth and dignity of every individual.  We are committed to a community that treats all individuals with respect.  As an academic institution, we fully support debate and the free exchange of ideas.  However, acts or communications which create a hostile educational environment will not be tolerated.


Harassment based on college protected characteristics such as race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, ethnicity, disability, or military status is strictly prohibited. See the “Sexual Misconduct” policy for specific information on sexual harassment.


Harassment charges may be applied when actions or communications constitute conduct that is sufficiently severe, pervasive/persistent and patently offensive so that it alters the conditions of education or employment, from both a subjective (the alleged victim’s) and an objective (reasonable person’s) viewpoint.  The determination of whether an environment is “hostile” must be based on all of the circumstances. 

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