Who Are Your Senators?

2013-2014 Senate

2013-2014 Senate Members

Meet your Senate! We've been elected to represent YOU. We would love to get in touch, so feel free to shoot us an email if you have a concern or idea you would like to share.

Position Name Email Committee Membership & Departmental Liaisons
President Graham Senor


Executive Committee, Academic Policy Committee, Finance Committee, Student Life Committee
Vice President Annie Vogt VogtAO@hendrix.edu Executive Committee, Committee on Committees
Secretary MiMi Spjut SpjutME@hendrix.edu Executive Committee, Communications Committee
Presidential Assistant Ty Spradley SpradleyJT@hendrix.edu  Executive Committee, Committee on Student and Academic Affairs, IT Liaison
Treasurer Carrie Yang YangCS@hendrix.edu Executive Committee, Finance Committee
Bookkeeper Shereen Moufarrej MoufarrejSM@hendrix.edu Executive Committee, Finance Committee
Academic Policy Representative Sean Alexander AlexanderSM@hendrix.edu Executive Committee, Academic Policy Committee, Committee on Student and Academic Affairs

Senior ('15 Class) Senator Lauren Wallis WallisLT@hendrix.edu Financial Committee, Communications Committee, Residence Life Liaison
Junior ('16 Class) Senator Elizabeth Forester ForesterEB@hendrix.edu Financial Committee, Murphy House Liaison
Sophomore ('17 Class) Senator Jackson Fitzgibbon FitzgibbonJW@hendrix.edu Financial Committee

Hardin Senator Andrew McWard McWardAC@hendrix.edu 
Financial Committee, Committee on Student and Academic Affairs
Martin Senator Brady Rowe RoweBK@hendrix.edu  Committee on Student and Academic AffairsInformation Technology Liaison
Couch Senator Peter Butler ButlerPA@hendrix.edu  Committee on Student and Academic Affairs
Houses Senator Momo Filat FilatMI@hendrix.edu WAC Liaison 
Veasey Senator Brynn Davis DavisBW@hendrix.edu Media Center Liaison
Galloway Senator Angela Lamb LambAB@hendrix.edu   
Raney Senator Brooke Nelson NelsonBT@hendrix.edu Committee on Student and Academic AffairsDining Services Liaison 
Front St./Mills Senator Mitch Harle HarleJM@hendrix.edu Financial Committee, Facilities Management Liaison
Huntington/Clifton Senator Alex McIntyre McIntyreWA@hendrix.edu
Village Senator Evan Mitchell MitchellET@hendrix.edu
Off-Campus Senator CeCe Collins CollinsBC@hendrix.edu  Library Liaison