Hendrix College Research  
  • Dr. Dionne Bennett Jackson

  • Assistant Professor of Education

    Ed.D., Baylor University

    Research interest: Science teaching and the professional development of science teachers

    My general research interests include science teaching, knowledge and beliefs of teachers, and the professional development of science teachers. The focus of my research is on how teachers develop the capacity to effectively teach science and the effect of these methods on student learning.

    (I do not currently have a page on the Hendrix website. Within the next few weeks we hope to add my page which will include the attached information. It will be linked to the following page: http://www.hendrix.edu/education/education.aspx?id=2330)

  • Did You Know?

    • Hendrix is ranked 28th in the nation among colleges and universities for the percentage of graduates who earn Ph.D.s within 6 years of graduation.
    • Hendrix is just one of 40 institutions selected for inclusion in Colleges That Change Lives by Loren Pope, former education editor for The New York Times.
    • More than half of our graduates enroll in graduate or professional school within 2 years of graduation.