Hendrix College Research  
  • Dr. Dionne Bennett Jackson

  • Assistant Professor of Education

    Ed.D., Baylor University

    Research interest: Science teaching and the professional development of science teachers

    My general research interests include science teaching, knowledge and beliefs of teachers, and the professional development of science teachers. The focus of my research is on how teachers develop the capacity to effectively teach science and the effect of these methods on student learning.

    (I do not currently have a page on the Hendrix website. Within the next few weeks we hope to add my page which will include the attached information. It will be linked to the following page: http://www.hendrix.edu/education/education.aspx?id=2330)

  • Did You Know?

    • “Universally, students are delighted with the quality of Hendrix academics, the hallmark of which is the faculty-student interaction.” –The Insider’s Guide to the Colleges, 2009 Edition  
    • Our graduates include
      6 Rhodes Scholars,
      16 Fulbright Scholars,
      27 Watson Fellows,
      21 Goldwater Scholars,
      2 Truman Scholars,
      2 Jack Kent Cooke Scholars
      and a Marshall Scholar.
    • Our graduates’ acceptance rate at law schools stands at over 90% and the acceptance rate at medical schools is 85% (that’s nearly twice the national average).