Christina Barnes Cooley '05

Christina Barnes Cooley '05

Christina Barnes Cooley '05

Chemistry major, music minor (I still actively play the flute and just finished my 6th year of participation in the Stanford Flute Ensemble. What a blast!)

Graduate Student, Stanford University, Stanford, Calif.

Current projects

I am completing my Ph.D. in chemistry. My work has been in the general field of bioorganic chemistry. The title of my dissertation is: "Design, Synthesis, and Evaluation of Molecular Transporters for Probe, Drug, and siRNA Delivery."

Undergraduate Research

I worked during my senior year with Dr. Goodwin on a synthetic organic chemistry project of marine natural products. We traveled to my first national scientific meeting (American Chemical Society meeting in 2005) to present the results.

How Hendrix prepared me for success

I am currently working in a synthetic organic chemistry laboratory, and I have applied many of the skills and techniques I learned with Dr. Goodwin in my graduate studies. Furthermore, the opportunity to present my research at a national scientific meeting was invaluable to my career development and exposed me to what my future career might be like.

Future plans

I will be moving to La Jolla, Calif. in early October to pursue post-doctoral research at the Scripps Research Institute. I will be joining the lab of Jeff Kelly, a leader in the field of protein misfolding and protein misfolding related maladies such as neurodegeneration and aging. I am excited to continue my training in research and want to eventually start my own lab as an academic scientist. I also love teaching and can't wait to inspire the next generation of undergraduates as I was inspired by my experiences at Hendrix.

My advice

Start doing research in science as early as you can. The exact subject matter that you are studying is less important as getting a feel for how research in the real world is conducted. These experiences are invaluable in helping you decide your eventual career goals and are rewarding and fun!