Program Requirements


Religious Studies Major at Hendrix College

A total of ten courses, five of which must be 300-level or above.


Two required courses:

RELI 395 Theories and Research in Religion

RELI 497 Senior Thesis



• Two (2) in World Religions:


RELI 110 The World's Religions: An Introduction

RELI 111 Asian Religions: An Introduction

RELI 210 Native American Religions

RELI 216 Judaism

RELI 222 Chinese Religions

RELI 223 Introduction to Hinduism

RELI 225 Introduction to Buddhism

RELI 251 Varieties of Judaism

RELI 28x Issues in Religion

RELI 334 Buddhist Saints

RELI 335 Shamans, Scholars and Indigenous Religion

RELI 337 Contemporary Buddhist Thought

RELI 338 Tibetan Buddhist Culture

RELI 339 Contemporary Islamic Thought

RELI 410 Topics in Asian Religion


• One (1) in Biblical Studies/Christianity:


RELI 112 Exodus

RELI 114 Christianity: An Introduction

RELI 123 Introduction to the Hebrew Bible

RELI 124 Introduction to the New Testament

RELI 211 African American Religions

 RELI 227 Skeptics in Scripture: Ecclesiastes andJob

RELI 228 The Synoptic Gospels

RELI 230 Early and Medieval Christianity

RELI 231 Modern Christianity Since the Reformation

RELI 234 Revelation and Resistance  

 RELI 280 Issues in Biblical Studies/Christianity

RELI 331 Revelation and Resistance

RELI 322 Introduction to Biblical Hebrew I

RELI 323 Introduction to Biblical Hebrew II

RELI 327 Race, Gender, Empire and the Bible

RELI 328 The Bible and/as History

RELI 261 Images of the Christian Life

RELI 336 John Wesley and Methodism

RELI 450 Topics in Biblical Studies/Christianity


• One (1) in Religion in America/Religion and Culture:


RELI 245 American Religions: An Historical Survey

RELI 243 Contemporary Currents in AmericanReligions

RELI 280 Issues in Religion in America/Religion and Culture

RELI 314 Globalization & Religion

RELI 317 Religion and Politics

RELI 330 Religion, Gender, and Sexuality

RELI 366 Religion and Literature

RELI 396 Religion, Film and Visual Culture

RELI 450 Topics in Religion and Culture


• One (1) in Philosophy of Religion and Theology:


RELI 233 Jesus Through the Centuries

RELI 260 Varieties of Evangelical Theologies

RELI 262 Science and Religion

RELI 270 Ecotheology: Religion, Animals, and Earth

RELI 280 Issues in Philosophy of Religion and Theology

RELI 332 Concepts of God

RELI 346 Contemporary Christian Thought

RELI 392 Process Philosophy/Theology

RELI 393 Inter-Religious Dialogue

RELI 394 Mysticism, Meditation, and Prayer

RELI 370 Philosophy of Religion

RELI 46X Postcolonial and Postmodern Theology

RELI 460 Topics in Philosophy of Religion andTheology


Three elective courses in Religious Studies



Senior Capstone Experience
The Senior Capstone Experience for the religion major centers upon the successful completion of a senior thesis or research project in RELI 497.



10 courses in philosophy and religion distributed as follows:

• No fewer than four courses in philosophy

• Two must be chosen from:
PHIL 285 Plato and Aristotle
PHIL 295 Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Philosophy
PHIL 300 Nineteenth Century Philosophy

• No fewer than four courses in religion

• PHIL 370/RELI 370 Philosophy of Religion

• PHIL 497 Senior Thesis or RELI 497 Senior Thesis*

• Only two of the ten courses may be at the 100- level

Philosophy and Religion majors cannot major or minor in either philosophy or religion.

* Note that RELI 497 Senior Thesis requires RELI 395 Theory and Research in Religion



The Minor in Religion consists of six (6) religion courses, including two (2) at the 300-400-level.