Canoeing the Spring River: Hardy

Ricky Telchi '14 will Peer Lead you down the rough and tough Spring River. Known for his red shoes that always lead the way, Ricky can adapt to any situation the river might bring. His trusty OR Leaders will always be at hand to help you with anything you may need, be that a hotdog to cook or a canoe to guide, they will be there. After a day of canoeing, enjoy a night by the campfire, asking all those questions you want to know about good ole' Hendrix. Relax with a lazy Sunday on the river and head back home to campus to begin your very first week of college. We've never had a complaint about a Spring River trip being boring and we hope to keep it up this year!


Check out this video from the 2012 Spring River trip:

Peer Leader

Ricky Telchi '14

OR Leaders

Zach Mainer '15

Mariah McElroy '15

Millie Unser '14