Printed copies of the forms you'll need are available in the Odyssey Office on the second floor of the Student Life and Technology Center.  If these downloads do not function properly, please send a message to the Odyssey Office at, and we can e-mail an electronic version to you.

Here are PDF versions of the forms (Revised August 2014) 

 Proposal Form PDF 
 Odyssey Funding Packet PDF (Contains a checklist, Proposal Form, Funding Request Form, and Budget Request Form)
 Odyssey Budget Request Form PDF (must be attached to the Funding Request Form and the UR Travel Request Form)
 First time AC/UR Travel Grant Request PDF
Statement of Intent PDF (Only used for pre-approved activities)
 Hours Log PDF 
Project Completion and Transcript Notation Form PDF

 Versions in Word (Revised August 2014)

 Proposal Form 
  Odyssey Budget Request Form (must be attached to the Funding Request Form and the First-Time AC/UR Travel Request Form)
First-Time AC/UR Travel
Statement of Intent  (Only used for pre-approved activities)
 Hours Log 
 Project Completion and Transcript Notation Form

If your project includes working with human subjects (regardless of category) you must complete this sheet.

HSRB Screening Questions

Also, students who participate in Odyssey Projects, particularly those that involve travel, will be required to complete a waiver form. There are several different versions depending upon the destination of the project and the number of participants. Only projects with a faculty leader who participates are considered "Group."

Domestic Waivers


International Waivers

International Individual
International Group

Other required documents for International Group Experiences

Emergency Medical Information
Notification of Death Information