Pre-Approved Courses

Courses Currently Approved for Odyssey Credit

Hendrix offers several course experiences for pre-approved Odyssey credit (assuming student completion of all requirements). These classes delve deeper into the Odyssey category, providing an intense and rewarding experiential learning opportunity. Some courses are not approved for Odyssey credit simply as they stand, but such credit is available only if the student opts to do an extra module of work.

Starting with the fall of 2010, students will automatically be entered in the Odyssey database when they enroll in a course that has been pre-approved for Odyssey credit. Credit is awarded upon the completion of the course with a grade of a “C” or better. If you are requesting credit for a module, please submit a Proposal Form outlining the expectations you and your professor have for the experience.

Courses with temporary Odyssey coding for this academic year are noted with an asterisk.


130, Digital Art 1 AC
200, Beginning Painting AC
210, Beginning Sculpture AC
220, Printmaking: Woodcut AC
250, Beginning Photography AC
280, Ceramics: Handbuilding AC
360, Intermediate Drawing AC

490, Special Topics in Classical Literature, UR

395, The Vulgate SP
410, Advanced Readings/Research in Latin Literature UR

301, Creative Writing: Non-Fiction AC
303, Creative Writing: Poetry AC
304, Creative Writing: Fiction AC
306, Exploring Nature Writing AC
390, Creative Writing: Special Topics AC
403, Advanced Creative Writing: Poetry AC
404, Advanced Creative Writing: Fiction AC
490, Creative Writing: Special Topics AC
497, Creative Writing Senior Thesis Seminar AC

497, Senior Thesis Seminar UR

MUSA (Please note that you must be enrolled for two semesters in the same activity to receive Odyssey credit for MUSA courses.)
200, Chamber Orchestra AC
200, Choir AC
200, Wind Ensemble AC
300, Applied Music (Lessons) AC
400, Applied Music (Lessons, Intensive Study) AC

370, Composition I AC

201, Topics: Ethics in the Face of Poverty SW
497, Senior Thesis UR

100, Intro to Theatre AC
120, Voice for the Theatre AC
140, Beginning Acting AC
150, Stage Movement and the Alexander Technique AC
210, Script into Performance: Text Analysis AC
240, Intermediate Acting: Modern Scene Study AC
260, Theatre Production: Scenery and Lighting AC
275, The Art of Stage and Properties Management AC
280, Theatre Production: Costume and Make-up AC
290, Beginning Playwriting AC
295, CAD: Computer Aided Design AC
390, Advanced Playwriting AC
392, Special Topics in Design AC
393, Special Topics in Performance AC
430, Stage Directing AC
450, Production Design AC
497, Senior Seminar AC
Theatre Arts Practicum, AC/PL Students earn one Odyssey credit after completing the four courses in the practicum:
            TARA P21 01 House and Publicity, Assistant Stage Manager or Properties
            TARA P22 01 Acting, Stage-Manager, Dance Captain, Sound or Chooreography
            TARA P23 01 Scenery and Lighting
            TARA P24 01 Costume and Makeup

A30, Dance Ensemble AC

160, Reading and Writing Dance: An Introduction AC
215, Modern Dance Technique AC
216 Ballet Dance Technique AC
217, Jazz Dance Technique AC
325, Choreography AC

Natural Sciences

498, Independent Research UR
399 or 499, Independent Research UR

108, Tropical Field Biology GA
112 Natural History of the New World GA
465, Molecular Evolution and Bioinformatics UR
480, Field Ecology GA
399 or 499, Independent Research UR

450, Directed Research UR

397, Cross-Disciplinary Project SP
497, Senior Seminar UR

497, Senior Seminar UR

195, Mathematical Problem Solving SP (must enroll for four semesters)
497, Senior Seminar UR

450, Directed Research UR

Social Sciences

300, Ethnographic Methods UR
302, Archaeological Methods UR
360, Globalization and Transnationalism UR
497, Advanced Research/Practicum UR

497, Corporate Strategy SP

497, Economic Research UR

375, Research and Measurement in Education UR
402, Teaching P-2, Reading SW
461, Student Teaching Secondary, 7-12 PL
471, Student Teaching, P-12 PL

345, Issues in Archives and Public History SP
353, Race, Memory, and the American Civil War UR
497, Advanced Research and Writing UR

410, Directed Research UR

283, Model United Nations PL
306, Arkansas Politics: Practicum PL
497, Senior Research Seminar UR

150-A, Comparative Animal Behavior in the Tropics GA
380-C, Psychology Practicum PL
400-C, Psychology of Gender UR
480-C, Advanced Research UR
481-C, Advanced Research UR
482-C, Advanced Research UR
483-C, Advanced Research UR
484-C Advanced Research UR

227, Terrorism and War in Media UR*
255, Gender in Film and Television UR
306 Creative Writing: Exploring Nature Writing AC
335, Sociological Research Methods UR
365, Picturing Society: Readings in Social Thought UR
497, Advanced Research/Practicum UR

Interdisciplinary Programs
401, Seminar in American Studies UR

280, Galileo’s Italy SP

Modules approved for Odyssey Credit
(Modules require additional work beyond the normal class requirements. Please consult the listed professor for more information about the module.)

400, Econometrics and Forecasting (Stanley) UR

220, American Political Parties and Elections (Barth) PL

*=temporary course coding


(For more information and to request an application form, please contact Dr. Jay Barth, M. E. and Ima Graves Peace Professor of Politics and International Relations and Director of the Crossings Program.) Note that the Crossings program consists of two pre-approved activities, one in Undergraduate Research and one in Special Projects. A separate Statement of Intent and Project Completion Form is required for the UR and the SP component of the experience.

Crime, UR and SP
Human Evolution, UR and SP
Poverty, UR and SP