National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), 2007

NSSE collects information each year from samples of first-year and senior students regarding their experiences at their chosen institution.  The NSSE information presented below, from the 2007 survey, reflects the high level of satisfaction in the quality of academic and collegiate life that students experience at Hendrix.

Key_aWithin the broader survey, NSSE has identified five Benchmarks of Effective Educational Practice that are particularly important indicators of learning and student development.  NSSE benchmark scores reflect responses of first-year and senior students to questions from the survey in the following areas:

  • Level of Academic Challenge (LAC)
  • Enriching Educational Experiences (EEE)
  • Student-Faculty Interaction (SFI)
  • Supportive Campus Environment (SCE)
  • Active and Collaborative Learning (ACL)

The five charts below summarize Hendrix scores in each benchmark area.  The chart for each area indicates how Hendrix College compared to its Carnegie Peers (other liberal arts institutions) and to all NSSE participants (the complete pool of institutions participating in NSSE).  Below each chart is a sample question from that benchmark area on which first-year and senior students ranked Hendrix exceptionally high.

Level of Academic Challenge    Enriching Educational Experiences 
Level of Academic Challenge_a_2    Enriching Educational Experiences_a_2 
Sample LAC Question: Coursework emphasizes: Synthesizing and organizing ideas, information or experiences   Sample EEE Question: Had serious conversations with students who are very different from you in terms of their religious beliefs, political opinions or personal values
Student-Faculty Interaction    Supportive Campus Environment 
Student-Faculty Interaction_a_2    Supportive Campus Environment_a_2 
Sample SFI Question: Discussed ideas from your readings or classes with faculty members outside of class   Sample SCE Question: Providing the support you need to help you succeed academically
Active and Collaborative Learning     
Active and Collaborative Learning_a_2     
Sample ACL Question: Discussed ideas from your readings or classes with others outside of class (students, family members, co-workers, etc.)    

Key_aBelow is a sampling of questions from the survey, not included in the benchmark categories, on which Hendrix first-year and senior students gave their Hendrix education high marks.

How would you evaluate the quality of academic advising at your institution?     If you could start over again, would you go to the same institution you are now attending? 
13_a_2     14_a_2 
Aquiring a broad general education     Thinking critically and analytically 
11a_a_2     11e_a_2 
Overall, how would you evaluate your entire educational experience at this institution?     Attended an art exhibit, play, dance, music, theater or other performance 
12_a_2     6a_a_2 
Exercised or particpated in physical fitness activities     Voting in local, state or national elections 
6b_a_2    11i_a_2 

Instances in which Hendrix scores were significantly higher than those for comparison groups (Carnegie Peers and NSSE participant schools) are marked as follows:
  * Statistically significant Hendrix score relative to comparison group (p< .05 level)
  ** Greater significance of Hendrix score relative to comparison group (p<.01)
  *** Greatest significance of Hendrix score relative to comparison group (p<.001)